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May something magical happen to you today…… And if you haven’t found the magic, create your own!


Here is a simple magical ceremony for the Winter Solstice period (and/or during the peak or waning energy of the Moon), for releasing what you no longer need, and accepting gifts from Spirit. It begins by connecting with Father Sky, Mama Earth, Grandmother Moon (Seanmháthair Gealach in Irish), Spirit, the gods & goddesses of Winter (or Summer), your Allies, and the Universe.

On a clear moonlit night, find a place of solitude outdoors, in a place you feel comfortable and safe. It is not necessary to be alone; you can do this ritual with others.

Breathe deeply as you gaze at the stars and the moon, and feel your energetic connection to them and to the Universe as a whole. Feel that connection with all your senses… including your “Clair” senses (clairaudience, clairvoyance, etc).

Greet the night, either in your inner voice or out loud in your own words… something like, “Father Sky, Mama Earth, Grandmother Moon, An Cailleach (or your goddess/spirit of Summer if in the Southern Hemisphere), I greet you”. [TIP: call on as many of your allies as you desire]

Bring to mind all that you want to release — fears, negative emotions, needs — and feel them bubble up through you and escape from your body…. your head, your heart, all your chakras, your feet, your breath. Release them into the night, to Father Sky.

And now give Father Sky, Mama Earth and Grandmother Moon —and all your allies  —your hopes, dreams and wishes. Let them bubble through you the same way. Release them to Spirit, to the Universe. Let them flow towards manifestation.

Feel the freedom of release from your hopes and from your fears.

And now prepare to receive from Spirit, the Universe, Father Sky, Grandmother Moon, Mama Earth, the gods and goddesses of Winter (or Summer) and from your Allies. Prepare to receive their blessings, their wisdom. Breathe deeply and feel their gifts filling you with their knowledge and blessings. Continue to breathe deeply until you can feel that new energy fill every chakra, every cell in your body, and feel that wisdom permeating your Wise Inner Self.

Rest for a moment to integrate this new energy, these new gifts into your mind, body and soul.

When you fell all is complete, thank Father Sky, Mama Earth, Grandmother Moon, Spirit, your Allies, the gods and goddesses of Winter or Summer, and the Universe for their gifts to you tonight.

I like to leave an offering to celebrate the renewed connection and my gratitude for what I havee received. It can be as simple as a strand of your hair, a pinch of grain or herbs, anything organic and/or biodegradable.

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