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It is said that the final three days of the #12DaysOfSolstice, in Celtic traditions, are dedicated to The Crone aspect of a woman’s life and to The Crone goddesses such as An Cailleach. This is the Winter goddess with whom I connect most strongly.

The Crone represents so many aspects of our life, including our deep wisdom and intuition, our connection to Mama Earth and The North, the potential of rebirth, our connection to all those who have come before us and all those who will come after us.

The Crone says:

I am the Cailleach,
Goddess of Winter, Mother of Mountains,
Ageless Lady of Dark Places,
Ancient Crone of Wisdom.
The Winter brings the Spring,
and in death,
I am endlessly renewed.

NOTE: I found this quote on many websites (including this one) but do not know its original source.

Soul Question

What is ending in your life now . . .  and what is renewing in your life now?  Call on the wisdom of the Crone to ease this passage of renewal and transformation.

Crone image by Eran Fowler

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