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12 Days of Solstice 2018-25

We are midway through the 12 Days of Solstice aka 12 Days of Yule. Numbering the days can become confusing as it varies by tradition: some number from Mother’s Night (the day before Solstice) whilst other number from Solstice itself… and, of course, in some cultures the day begins at sunset the day before. So, this year at least, I am numbering from Solstice which gives us New Years Day as Day 12.

I rather like an eclectic mix of traditions as I celebrate the 12 Days: some from the Celtic, some from the Norse and other cultures, and some just from my own traditions and practices.

So today I look to my Celtic traditions where it is alleged that the 12 Days honour the triform goddess (Maiden-Mother-Crone) and the rebirth of the god of light (Lugh, and others) in sets of three days. Today marks the final day of the Mother Days, honouring the Mother goddesses. So, today I light a candle for them and thank them in this simple blessing/ritual (and do feel free to craft your own):

I call on the First Woman, the Great Mother, Mother Earth,
the Mother Goddesses (Danú, Gaia, Demeter),
the Wisdom of The North, and my Ancestral Mothers.
To all who came before me,
I stand on the strength of your shoulders.
I am grateful for your Spirit,
for this heritage of blood and bone,
for your wisdom and guidance.
Today I honour you and ask for your
continued wisdom and blessings.
Thank you Great Mother.

Where I have noted “Danú, Gaia, Demeter”, insert the names of the Mother Goddesses with whom you are in relationship… or use the names of the ancestral mothers in your lineage.

Solstice Blessings

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