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Photo by bantersnaps on Unsplash

In our previous post — Create space for something wonderful… — I shared some thoughts on the Full Moon, that the energies of the moon and sky can “raise our awareness to our own transformation, to the shifts in perspective that have been whispering quietly just under the surface of our conscious minds… urging our hearts and souls to align with our growth and our authentic Self, releasing whatever is holding us back from doing so.”

I share with you now a favourite release ritual that aligns with the Earth element, great for this Full Moon in Capricorn.


This ritual can be done at the Full Moon and anytime in the Moon’s waning cycle. It can be done anywhere, as long as you feel comfortable and can relax or meditate — perhaps at a home altar, sitting in your favourite chair, or in a special place in Nature. This can also be performed in Circle with others.

Find a stone (or stones, if you have a lot to release!) for the ritual. You could collect them on a walk in nature, in the woods, at the beach, by a river… but be sure they are stones that you can easily and ethically release back to Mama Earth. 

I often prepare one or more Soul Questions for my ritual. For this release ritual, ponder on one or more of these questions or draft ones that resonate even more with you:  

  • What is holding me back from stepping into my full potential?
  • What thought, belief, behaviour, emotion or relationship is no longer serving my highest good?
  • What parts of my Self am I reclaiming and bringing into this Full Moon light?
  • What have I already shed, that masked my Authentic Self?
  • What is now ready to be released to the Full and Waning Moon energies?
  • What action can I take to affirm my Authentic Self, and to celebrate who I am…. and who I am becoming?

Begin the Ritual

Open and close this ritual as you would normally do, such as deep breathing to ground and centre your Self, creating sacred space, calling in the directions, calling in your guides and allies, etc.

Once that is complete, hold the stone in your receiving (non-dominant) hand and meditate on your Soul Question(s), or simply ask “What can I now release that no longer serves me?”

Once you have your answer(s), thank your guides and allies. And do consider first thanking that which you are now releasing, as at one time it/they supported you and their job is now complete. With your giving (dominant) hand, infuse the stone(s) with the energies of the baggage / weight you no longer wish to carry, those no-longer needed beliefs, behaviours, emotions (e.g. guilt, anger, lack of confidence), etc.

To complete the ritual (immediately or sometime after), release the stone(s) to Mama Earth in any way that is easy for you, such as placing deep into a window box, or placing into the soil somewhere close to home on a walk (and be sure to do so ethically, in a place Mama Earth will accept them). Using the water energy of Cancer, you could even drop your stones into a body of water such as a local lake, sea, stream or pond.

As you drop the stones, reinforce your release intentions by saying something like:

“I now release with ease that which no longer serves me, to be cleansed and returned to Mother Earth. Blessed be!”

Be sure to close your sacred space as you opened it, closing the directions, thanking your guides and allies once again, and centering yourself in this physical world.

Journal Prompts

Be sure to journal your experiences with this ritual, such as noting: 

  • what called for release
  • what specifically you infused into the stones
  • how it felt to give those energies back to Mother Earth
  • what wisdom you received from your allies
  • anything else you experienced

Raise your awareness in the waning days that follow your release; it may be that you continue to release throughout the waning phase until the Dark Moon. 

And, most importantly, note what is now beginning to manifest in that space you created, and what you are now able to begin with new energies and perspective.