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Solar Eclipse Layout

As with any ritual I offer here, feel free to change this up… add, delete, modify in any way that best suits you. Or do something totally different!

This ritual can be done at a Solar Eclipse or Lunar Eclipse. It can be done indoors or outdoors, preferably in a place of quiet and tranquility.

If you are not available at the precise moment of the eclipse, you may do this indoors … preferably in a darkened room.

Two candles, one black (or a dark colour) and one white
Two crystals or stones, one each to represent the Sun and the Moon
Your preferred Oracle or Tarot deck

Create Sacred Space
As with any ritual, begin by creating create sacred space your own way — such as calling in the directions, your guides, ancestors, power animals and other allies.

Rather than smudging with sage or other sacred herb, use your crystals or stones to clear your energy. If drawn to the Moon energy, move a piece of Selenite crystal (or other preferred “moon stone”) gently through your aura and chakras, and notice any area of dis-comfort or dis-ease. Create an intention that your Selenite will gently release any tensions or discomforts. Feel that connection to Grandmother Moon — aka La Luna and Selene and many other names —  through the Selenite.

If you are drawn more to the energy of the Sun, use an igneous stone such as Apache Tears, Fire Opal, Obsidian, Granite, Pumice, or Basalt using the same process and intentions.

You can even use both!

Begin the Ritual
Breathe deeply and slowly until you feel fully connected to your Wise Inner Self, and to Father Sun and Grandmother Moon as they move closer and closer in the Sky.

As the Eclipse begins, take a moment to feel at peace with the impending darkness, the birthplace of wisdom… Endarkenment.

Light the dark candle, to represent what YOU have kept in the darkness and are now bringing to the light… out of the shadows… that which needs to be disrupted and recharged. Take time to contemplate on that and on what might you start birthing in the endarkenment? How does it feel to be sitting in a darkening space… to feel the merging energies of Father Sun and Grandmother Moon?

Perhaps you are feeling the energy of the who goddesses or allies may be guiding you, speaking to you. At first, you may just feel their energy… and then sense their presence. Acknowledge them and ask for their guidance in this ritual.

While still in the darkness of the Eclipse, pull three cards from your deck and place them face up. You may place them one at a time, or all at once.

Card 1: What deep patterns or shadows are disrupted by the energy of this Eclipse?

Card 2: What actions or thoughts can support me in bringing them to the light and releasing them?

Card 3: What new path is revealed in this New Moon energy?

Create an affirmation — in your own words — that the light of the dark candle will continue to illuminate the darkness and the shadow within as you move forward, and that it will release anything that is brought into its light. Feel the darkness ebb away.

As the eclipse completes and the darkness is gone, extinguish your dark candle and light your white candle. The light has returned! And the New Moon has arrived!

Feel the energy of the enlightenment… how does it feel to be in the light? Does it feel different than the dark? Note the differences emotionally, physically, spiritually… and journal your thoughts and feelings, especially about the three cards pulled.

The flame of your white candle illuminates a new journey. You are not just experiencing the Eclipse, you are also basking in the New Moon energy. You are aligned with The Maiden, beginning her journey again… a new start, a new beginning, the freedom to be YOU.

Sit with the white candle for a while and gaze into its light. Breathe in its loving fresh energy. What does it feel like to embrace the light? To stand in a place of new beginnings? As you review your cards one more time from this place of enlightenment, what now seems possible… probable… destiny?

Note your feelings in your journal, or book of shadows… and your actions, inspired by the cards you drew.

When you feel your ritual is complete, be sure to extinguish all your candles safely, and thank all those who supported you through the ritual.

TIP: You may still want to do a New Moon Medicine Wheel Reading (or any New Moon layout you prefer). This can be done anytime during the New Moon energies, up to the first glimmer of light of the Waxing Crescent.

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Wisdom from Seanmháthair Gealach (Grandmother Moon)
New Moon in Leo, 21-AUG-2017 @ 11:30 AM Pacific Time / 18:30 UTC
Solar Eclipse peaking at 10:21 AM Pacific Time