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IG - Moon Phases-11

Wisdom from Seanmháthair Gealach (Grandmother Moon)
Day 7, First Quarter Moon, in Cancer

Today (Monday, April 3rd) at 11:39 AM Pacific time, Grandmother Moon reached the First Quarter mark in her monthly journey around Mother Earth. The Moon is in Cancer during this transition . . . you may feel stronger emotions, a need to spend time alone, to share thoughts with those close to you.

At the First Quarter, the lunar energy is moving upward, emerging from the dark of the New Moon, shifting from Feminine Yin to Masculine Yang. . . it is time for action. The seeds we planted in the New Moon are starting to take root, to anchor their tendrils into the soil of our Soul, seeking nourishment and nurturing. They want to be manifested.

This is the time of The Maiden, when we are supported by Persephone and Artemis and other Goddesses of Youth and of Spring. Perfect for this month’s theme of Rejuvenation! Tap into that youthful feeling and energy of The Maiden.

Invoke The Maiden in your Soul Work to support your new adventure, with her independence and burgeoning courage, her vitality . . . taking her first bold steps into the world.

The Quarter Moons can be challenging, and many refer to them as Crisis Points in our monthly journey. When we compare the lunar journey to the classic Joseph Campbell journey of the (S)Hero, this is the point where one might encounter obstacles and challenges which must be overcome before reaching our goal.

For more info about the Crisis Points of the First Quarter Moon, and dealing with the Monkey Mind obstacles, this Inner Journey Events blog post has more info (it references Water Energy, but can be applied to any Quarter Moon).

Whenever I had doubts, or “the blahs”, my very English mother would always suggest a cup of tea. We all know that “a good cuppa” is the cure for most things! And, the act of drinking a cup of tea (or any hot beverage of your choice), can be a ritual.

For me, it’s not jut WHAT we do but HOW we do it that makes something move from everyday to special, to sacred, to ritual.

For instance, drinking a hot beverage in a travel cup while driving to work may be habitual, but it is likely not a ritual (unless you’re the passenger!).

However, thoughtfully preparing one’s hot beverage (tea, coffee, cacao, etc), creating intent, drinking it in a favourite cup, sitting in a favourite chair, sipping it slowly, savouring the taste and noticing the effect on one’s mind, body and soul… now, that is ritual!

We also have the Four Elements in a hot beverage:

🌏 The essence of the beverage itself — leaves, fruit, roots, cacao, coffee beans, all gifts from the EARTH.

💦 We infuse our earth elements in WATER

🔥 We heat our water with FIRE

💨 We breathe in the aromas and steam from the tea through the AIR.

If this isn’t ritual, what is?

So, this ritual is simple . . . and perfect for the First Quarter in Cancer. But can be done at any time, of course!

☕️ To begin the ritual, invite Grandmother Moon and The Maiden Goddesses to join you. Assemble your ingredients, and thank all the elements for creating your tea, especially the plants with their wisdom. If you are making a herbal tea, think about adding a slice of fresh Ginger for courage, a leaf of Basil for focus, or a sprig of Peppermint for energy and creativity. Then. . .

  • Once your beverage is ready, seat yourself in a comfortable place and relax
  • Breathe in your intent for this ritual
  • Sip your beverage and meditate on what support might you need at the moment, or whatever you need to be aware of
  • Journal your thoughts, and the suggestions your Wise Inner Self or Allies, Guides or Goddess has given you
  • Reframe any “Monkey Mind” thoughts, and create a new positive thought or affirmation for this month’s journey with Grandmother Moon

When you have finished drinking your tea, relax for a moment to let the wisdom seep into your body, and to thank your guides and allies for joining you in this ritual, and for the wisdom they have given you.