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The Equinox arrives on Wednesday, September 22, 2021 at 19:21 UTC marking Autumn for those in the Northern Hemisphere and Spring for those in the Southern Hemisphere.

The Equinox is a time of balance, whether it is Autumn or Spring in your locale. And what a perfect time to dip into the energy and contemplate our own balance — perceived balance or imbalance. This ritual can also be done at a first quarter or third quarter moon (known to some as a half-moon).

This ritual/exercise is particularly apt for those in the Northern Hemisphere, as the Autumn Equinox marks our transition into the West and the energy of the Water Element.

This ritual was shared with me by my Moon Mná mentor, Karen Ward of Moon Mná and Slí an Chroi, and can also be found in 2018 Moon Mná Diary Journal.

Water Balance Ritual

Two jars of water, each with a yellow flower, with raffia tied at the jar neck.

This ritual is powerful at the Spring and Autumn equinoxes. Ideally this ritual is done at night with a visible moon to access her wisdom and energy. It can be done alone or in Circle. It can also be done at the First Quarter and Third Quarter Moons, which represent the duality of light and dark we experience at the Equinox, or the Full Moon, when we see Father Sun reflecting on the full face of the Moon with the dark side hidden from us (as always).

You will need two matching containers of water, that you can easily hold with each hand. Use anything you can comfortably hold: a mason jar, cup, glass, etc. Fill each with the same amount of water so they are in balance. You can even get a little creative, as in the picture above.

TIP: If holding the containers is a physical challenge for you, find a table or altar upon which you can place them. In the ritual,  place your hands around them to physically and energetically connect with them.

Begin the ritual by grounding and centering: breathe deeply and slowly, feeling your muscles relax and the tensions ebbing away. Feel the connection to your body, mind and spirit.

Create your Sacred Space in your usual fashion, and call on your guides and allies, and all the directions (for me that is North, East, South, West, Above, Below, Within). At this time of the year, as we start the shift from Light to Dark, our Ancestral allies are close, and listening and whispering. Call on them too.

Instead of a traditional saining or smoke medicine (aka smudging), consider cleansing your aura with a physical symbol of Autumn (Northern Hemisphere) or Spring (Southern Hemisphere). Move the cleansing object through your aura from above your crown chakra and down to your feet, and along your arms and legs, feeling it shift any stagnant energies.

What might that cleansing tool be for you?

In Autumn, I use local elements such as a wind-fall Rowan (Mountain Ash) branch with bright red berries. Perhaps you might use a single autumn leaf that has fallen to Earth, a pine cone, a corn husk, an apple or a sprinkle of water to represent the Water Element.   

For Spring, I might use a daffodil or tulip, a branch of pussy willow, or any local foliage or something to represent the Air element, such as a feather or rattle (sound waves).  

As you connect with Seanmháthair Gealach (Grandmother Moon in Irish) at the first or third quarter moon or Father Sun at Equinox, ask your Wise Inner Self:

Do I have balance in my life?

As you ponder that question, hold one container in each hand simultaneously. They are balanced, but how do they feel?  How do you experience them?  

  • Perhaps there is a message or sensation from each one?
  • Perhaps one feels heavier or lighter?
  • Does the container in your dominant/giving hand (for many of us, that would be the right hand) feel any different than the container in your receiving (likely your left) hand? Is there a message there in how you might be experiencing giving and receiving differently?
  • Ask each of your bodies how they perceive the balance: your physical body, your mind, your spirit, your emotions.
  • What does your heart — and your deep Inner Wisdom — sense?
  • What does your heart want you do know?

Sit with those energies and ponder. Take some time to fully experience true balance and where you might be out of balance.

Journal your thoughts. You might even find inspiration for the coming Autumn or Spring.

When you feel the process is complete, thank your guides, allies, ancestors and — most of all — Seanmháthair Gealach (Grandmother Moon) and/or Father Sun for the insight and wisdom they shared with you.

Equinox Blessings!