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Wisdom from Seanmháthair Gealach (Grandmother Moon)
Full Moon in Libra, known by some as The Pink Moon (first Full Moon of springtime)
April 10th at 11:08 PM Pacific Time  / April 11th at 06:08 UTC


Ah, the Pink Moon… named as such by First Nations people in some parts of North America because of the abundance of pink phlox in the meadows at this time of year. Here in Vancouver, I associate it less with phlox and more with the abundance of cherry blossoms on our streets, as pictured above.

But this Moon has other names too… the Egg Moon, Sprouting Grass Moon, Fish Moon, Easter Moon and the Wind Moon. I believe we can name our own Full Moons, based on where we live and what is happening in our lives at this time of year. Doing so reinforces our connection with Grandmother Moon.

What will YOU name this first Full Moon of Spring? (Or Autumn, if in the Southern Hemisphere?)

Regardless of its name, the Full Moon is always a magical time . . .  an empowering time when the seeds planted at our New Moon are growing and flourishing, and when we are manifesting our dreams. Charged by the Full Moon’s fiery Yang energy, we may feel LaLuna’s strong gravitational pull and its “Yes, I can change the world… NOW!” energy!


The Libra energy in this Full Moon enhances sociability such as gatherings with family, catching up with friends and acquaintances, and even romantic trysts. Consider group rituals and activities for this full moon, even a simple stroll at sunset when the Full Moon rises in the East. The sign of Libra is represented by the scales, so be aware of balance in your life:

  • Yes, celebrate and socialize but also focus on your spiritual practices such as healing and releasing.
  • Drink some herbal teas throughout the day, especially ones that are fresh and local to your region. For me, this would be infusions made with nettle, lemon balm, dandelion or pine needles.
  • Focus on what is truly essential and needed. Resist getting caught up in wanting to do something just to act on “something”.


Consider how you can bring this month’s theme of Rejuvenation into your Full Moon ritual and practices, such as:

  • Libra is already reminding you of the importance of balance. Take time to center, to ground with Mama Earth. This will help you ready your Self for manifesting your goals this month and for releasing whatever might be holding you back.
  • Meditate or journey with The Mother Goddess(es) — such as Gaia, Hestia, Green Tara — and ask for their wisdom about what needs to be birthed (or rejuvenated) in your life
  • Do a card reading, asking one or more questions such as:
    • “What is flourishing in my life?”
    • “How can I use the wisdom of The Mother to support me?”
    • “How can I be of service, be a Mother to my community?”

Create (or modify) your Altar to celebrate the Full Moon. This could include:

SM 800x800_ Altars

Starting my Pink Full Moon Altar. I will be adding some fresh leaves and blossoms, and maybe a Gaia figurine.

  • something fresh, such as flowers, leaves, buds, grasses
  • an item to represent The Mother archetype / Goddess, which is strongly associated with The Full Moon and the birth of creativity
  • something pink for the Pink Moon (rose quartz perhaps?), or something to represent whatever you name this Moon, e.g. an egg for the Egg Moon, a feather for the Wind Moon
  • crystals associated with the Full Moon. Hibiscus Moon recommends selenite, moonstone, labradorite and opal. Click here for more info on the crystals
  • a bright altar cloth in Spring colours

    🌸 🌝 Full Moon Blessings 🌝 🌸

    🌸 The header image was photographed with my iPhoneSE in my Vancouver neighbourhood. The Full Moon was added using a frame, in Canva.