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If you observe the Solar/Astronomical date for Beltainne, today’s the day! It officially arrived May 6th at 06:56 UTC.

A blessing for you on Bealtainne:

May you always walk in sunshine
May you never want for more
May faeries rest their wings
Right beside your door

My Celtic ancestors marked Bealtainne in both spiritual and secular ways. Some celebrated this festival on the traditional date of May 1st, others at “true” Bealtainne (today!), and yet others celebrate Bealtainne at a time that says “Summer’s here” for them. For instance, for some of my ancestors Bealtainne was the time the meadows were ready to receive livestock for summer grazing.

What happens in your locale that marks Bealtainne for you?

For me, there are a couple of things: the flowering of hawthorn, the “Queen of the May” (pictured above, about to bloom), and the opening of our local Farmers Market (pictured below).


Le grá (with love) on Blessed Bealtainne,