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Our latest course in the Wheel of the Year series  — Bealtaine: Leap into Summer — is NOW LIVE!

I somehow managed to pack even more into the Bealtaine season course than originally planned, and it is now LIVE on the Ruzuku platform.

If you haven’t yet registered, click here to join now!

Here’s some of what we explore in the the six-week Bealtaine season using the framework of the Celtic realms of Land, Sea and Sky to align with these realms manifest physically, spiritually and energetically throughout the season, such as:

  • history, practices and rituals for Bealtaine
  • The Magic of three: exploring the realms of Land, Sea, Sky and the importance of 3 in Celtic traditions
  • Bealtaine dates: “true”, traditional and Lunar Bealtaine, and defining your own Bealtaine dates
  • Land (Talam), Middle World: working with plants, trees herbs and crystals; grounding meditation with the Tree or Life; the magic and medicine of Hawthorn
  • Sea (Muir), Under World: Soul Work, magical connections with the Sídhe (the Faerie realms), journeys, sea rituals for World Ocean Day and the Ocean goddesses
  • Sky (Nem), Upper World: the medicine of the Sun, Moon and Stars; divination practices; sacred crafts of Air (incense, candles); practices and rituals associated with the gods and goddesses
  • a guided meditation/journey meet your faerie allies
  • an alignment/meditation with the Tree of Life
  • and more!

Register now for $30 USD regular price at