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We began this lunar month with the New Moon in Gemini, a theme of communing, an invitation to share one’s intimate thoughts or feelings with someone (or something) — especially on a spiritual level and even non-verbal level — and to harness that Gemini sociability and let it work for us in whatever way that resonated (and, of course, doing so while observing all pandemic and lockdown guidelines!).

For me, this has manifested in reaching out even more to loved ones and shifting from sharing and being present to deep listening: to their words, their actions, their emotions, their soul.

For me, listening is not just an auditory experience. I listen for what I may have been deaf to before, or could barely hear. I listen by raising my awareness through all my senses, including my “clair” senses, such as clairaudience and clairsentience.

How has this manifested for you?

How have you communed?

What has been revealed to you through communing and listening?

And now we will soon have three new influences on our lunar journey: the Full Moon of June 5th (at 19:12 UTC), its Sagittarius aspect AND a penumbral lunar eclipse!

What have you learned that might inspire a call-to-action at the Full Moon Eclipse?

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