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This morning I was looking for inspiration, and used a little bibliomancy for inspiration, sharing a lovely quote from Anam Cara by John O’Donohue. (click here to read it

If you feel so moved, try a little bibliomancy of your own today.

If you haven’t tried bibliomancy before, start by asking a simple question such as “What wisdom do I need today that is in my highest good?” or reflect on a specific challenge you are having and formulate a question for guidance.

Then, let Spirit/intuition guide you to a book or magazine. Hold it carefully in your receiving/non-dominant hand and randomly choose a page (or allow the book to open on its own), then run your finger down the page until you feel the energy saying “here” or “stop”.

Sometimes the answer we seek is very clear and literal. Other times we may have to ponder or meditate for a moment to access the deeper wisdom.

Let me tell you a story.

Recently, I was working with a client who was stuck and couldn’t think of any options for what to do next. She literally could not make a decision or find her way through to an authentic choice for herself. So we tried a little bibliomancy to open up possibilities and to access her Wise Self. BTW, I often use tarot or oracle cards for this, but on that particular day I was guided towards bibliomancy instead.

Using the pendulum technique (described below), she was guided not to a book in my home but to her daypack, which she always carried with her, and to her diary-journal, which she always carried, and then to a specific page she had written many months ago, which gave her the inspiration for her way forward. It was definitely a breakthrough for her, opening up so many possibilities.

Perhaps the experience was an affirmation that we have the wisdom within us at all times, and just have to access it! And it was lovely to witness her reaction to finding her answer.

You can also use a pendulum or muscle testing to find the book and passage. For instance, in this example, guided by the YES / NO responses:

The book I seek is in my home YES

The book I seek is in my home office YES

The book I seek is on the small bookshelf YES

… on the top shelf NO

… on the second shelf YES

… on the right half of the shelf NO

… in books 1 to 5 NO

… in books 6 to 10 YES

… in book 6 NO

… in book 7 YES

I then use similar questions to identify page and passage.