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For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, this day marks the astronomical start of the Spring season, whilst for those in the Southern Hemisphere, it marks the beginning of astronomical Autumn. At the twice-yearly Equinox, we share a moment of global balance, when the days and nights are of (roughly) equal length everywhere. I love that around the globe on Equinox, we all experience that moment together.

And for all of us, the Equinox offers a fleeting moment of balance between the complementary opposites within us — day and night, light and dark, Yin and Yang, Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine, action and rest, physical and spiritual, expanding and contracting, abundance and lean, breathing in and breathing out — and an opportunity for reflection and an exploration of the balance in our life. 

For me, it is also another opportunity to reflect on our global commonality . . .  a time for joining together.

Let us not look at what separates us, but what unites us. 

In the Northern Hemisphere, this Equinox marks the final shift from the qualities of Winter (Earth, the North and the Crone goddesses of Winter such as An Cailleach) to the qualities of Spring (Air, the East, bird allies, and the Maiden goddesses of Spring such as Brighid —who came to prominence at Imbolg —and Persephone / Kore, Grainne, Artemis and Diana). In the Wheel of the Year, it is the midpoint between Imbolg and Bealtaine.

Spring energy is renewal . . .  green . . .  new . . .  airy  . . .  youthful . . .  stimulating . . .  rising . . .  waxing . . . quickening . . .  new beginnings . . .  inspiration . . .  creativity . . .  fertility.

In the Southern Hemisphere, this Equinox marks the final shift from the qualities of Summer (Fire, the South, and the Mother goddesses of Summer such as Áine) to the qualities of Autumn (Water, the West, allies such as Stag and Doe, and the Matriarch goddesses of Autumn such as Ceres, Mamaí Mara, Cerridwen, Mab, Demeter, Yemaya, Hera … and the beckoning of An Cailleach). In the Wheel of the Year, it is the midpoint between Lúnasa and Samhain.

Autumn energy is reflection . . . harvest . . .  gratitude . . .  returning to our deep Inner Wisdom, our emotions and our Self. 

I share with you now a simple Apple Ritual, which I use at both Spring and Autumn Equinox.

For this ritual, you will need an apple, twine (preferably organic!), and two cloves.

Begin your ritual, as always, with creating Sacred Space and calling in your guides and allies. Take some time to meditate on your intentions for your Self and for our blessed Mother Earth at this time of balance, as we shift to Spring (Northern Hemisphere) and Autumn (Southern Hemisphere), and receive inspiration for the period until the next Equinox.

Create your Equinox Blessings Apple in this simple ritual to affirm and charge those intentions.

  • Split an apple crosswise to reveal the Star of Sofia
  • Breathe your intentions for your personal life into a clove
  • Breathe your intentions for Mother Earth into another clove
  • Insert the cloves into the Star of Sofia, one in each half apple
  • Contemplate your journey and intentions as you bring the halves together
  • Bind the halves with organic material (in the images above, I used raffia)
  • Hang from a tree in your garden or in a wild place
  • Give gratitude to Mother Earth, your guides and allies
  • Close your Sacred Space

Repeat at the next Equinox!