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IG - Moon Phases (13)

Lunar Energetics: New Moon in Gemini   

New Moon in Gemini arrives June 13th at 12:43 pm PDT / 19:43 UDT
Qualities: Air element, Mutable sign
The Moon Mansion at the New Moon is # 7, Al-Dhira.

Per Lunarium, Al-Dhira is good for “business and trade. Obtaining the favour of superiors. Love, friendship. Healing. Washing and cutting hair.” but not good for “law and justice”. Its essence is success, abundance and trust.

Air and Mutability

Gemini — also known as The Twins — speaks to our inherent duality. We each have both Yin and Yang energies within us, the Divine Feminine AND the Divine Masculine.  To have true balance and harmony in our Self, it is important to recognize, appreciate, call upon and manifest both elements.

We can hold and express both, juggling the push-pull of these energies, living with contradiction and paradox . . .  and be okay with that!

Gemini is an Air element sign, the element of insight from practicality through to vision, creativity, and inspiration. Tap into that energy to enhance your efforts and planning this month, and with its mutable quality, Gemini is preparing us for what is coming next. How perfect for our theme of Pause & Reflect!

The Air element governs the lungs and breath (inspiration once again!), so also supports communication. And it is aligned with the direction of East . . . new beginings, new thoughts, new inspirations. This will definitely help you find your voice and speak your truth as you journey with your Soul Work.

In this mutable air sign you may feel torn between choices, that you are starting/stopping projects and ideas, that one day YES!  is the answer and tomorrow it might be NO!

Why, you ask?

Not only are you feeling the influence of both the Air element  and the mutability qualities of Gemini, but you are aligning more and more with the energy of the coming Solstice, that standing still (its Latin roots) where Grandfather Sun shifts from waxing to waning (NH) and waning to waxing (SH).

Sit with that. 

Let your Self be okay being in transition. 

Let your Self be okay not knowing the ultimate answer. 

Let your Self be okay not being sure.

Know that these feelings will pass, especially as you tap into your deep inner wisdom as you Pause & Reflect,and connect to the solstice energy revealing all in its full light and radiance (Northern Hemisphere) and deep inner ancestral wisdom (Southern Hemisphere).

New Moon Blessings!