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It has been said that, generally, the New Moon in Scorpio is a time to focus on what’s important in our life, without its distractions, and to strive towards a sense of peace. I find it interesting that each November, the UN chooses to observe Seven Days of Science and Peace . . . a lovely fit for the energy of Scorpio.
But not all associate Scorpio with peace. For many (most?), it’s about the shadows, the darkness within.
This is a significant and potentially chaotic New Moon, especially coupled with the Bealtaine and Samhain energy. Scorpio has deep shadowy elements: it is a sign of depth, drama, death and renewal/rebirth. It is powerful. It is passionate. Such a powerful energy for the start of both Samhain (NH) and Bealtaine (SH)!
Scorpio asks us to go deep within. This may be a bumpy ride for some, due to its opposition to Uranus, which astrologers tell us enhances the unpredictable elements of life, leading to personal chaos and impulsiveness. Astrology King calls this New Moon

What can you do?

This energy may feel like Fire energy, but remember that Scorpio is ruled by Water. Look to Scorpio’s water-y flow (after all, it is ruled by the Water element) for support, and allow your self to fully experience the insights that emerge from your own Inner Depths as you access that deep Inner Wisdom. Call on the energetic Pause that imbues both Samhain and Bealtaine to allow time to breathe . . . think . . . respond . . . react . . . choose.

What can we learn from Scorpio, with its Fixed Water energy?

Fixed signs want to keep things level, stable, and resist potential change. As Grandmother Moon moves throughout the zodiac signs through this lunar journey, that initial Scorpio energy will like to resist the changes of the other signs. What is happening in your life at present that requires stability?
The energy of the Water element (emotions, flow) may seem to oppose that, so there will be tension there! Water brings us deep wisdom, an increase in our intuition, and is transformative, changeable, always flowing. It can also bring a little moodiness and excess emotion to our lives. But Water also heals, cleanses and integrates.

A powerful combination of elements infuse us this month! Perhaps this is why we need “the Pause”for this lunar month).