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Wisdom from Seanmháthair Gealach (Grandmother Moon)
Day 16, Full Moon in Cancer at 3:33 AM Pacific Time 🌕
It’s that time again… A beautiful Full Moon rising in the East. For me, it arrived at 3:30 AM today (Thursday, January 12th), but on the 11th for many of you, in this lovely global community. This energy will be with us for another 2-3 days.

This first Full Moon of the calendar year is in Cancer, such a nurturing mothering sign. And the Full Moon, in the Women’s Cycle of Life, is also aligned with The Mother — goddesses such as Gaia, Demeter, Isis, Hestia and Green Tara — giving us a double dose of the Creatrix energy to heighten our creativity, and to birth and nurture new ideas and new projects. WOW!

And with Imbolc arriving in just a few weeks, we can also look to the energy of Brigid (who we celebrate on Imbolc, February 1 or February 3rd at 22:36 UTC, depending on your traditions) to support us. Brigid tells us: “Don’t back down. Stand up for what you believe is right.”

How does the energy and wisdom of these goddesses manifest in YOUR life?

Work with your New Moon card layout and review your progress in the month. Look to the questions for the South (home of Fire, Creativity, Passion… as well as song and poetry), such as:
“What is flourishing?”
“Who am I in wonder and trust?”
“How can I embrace the Creatrix energy in a way that will support me now?”

Or ponder on the mothering aspect of your Self.  We all have both the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine within us.

Are you nurturing and nourishing your Self, as much as you nurture and nourish others and other things – children, family, job, career, etc.? The Full Moon is about the balancing of waxing and waning, the light and the dark. . . how does this manifest in YOUR life?

🌕 Many people choose to release and let go on the Full Moon, and any time in the waning moon is good for that. I’ve shared some simple release ceremonies before in this blog.

🌕 Place your crystals in the moonlight for charging

🌕 Bathe in the moonlight and thank LaLuna for her wisdom

🌕 Spend some time with your altar, adding new elements for the South, and honouring the work of the South. Write a poem, sing a song, place a picture of something inspiring on your altar to be mindful of your goals or desires. And if you don’t have an altar… create one with the Full Moon and Imbolc in mind.

And especially for THIS Full Moon. . . start to plan for Imbolc and for honouring Brigid.

Full Moon Blessings !


ww-circles-800x800-21On Friday, January 27th, 2017 at 10 AM Pacific Time, I will be offering a special event on the New Moon: “Hearts Afire: Brigid’s Fire Blessings”.

The replay will be available for those who can’t attend live. I’ll post more about it next week, but it is up now on the Inner Journey Events website if you want more info or even register now.

Click here for details.