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If you’ve ever made a wish while blowing out a birthday candle, you’ve done candle magick!

This is the most simple type of spell-casting and is a great way to create intention and support you in manifesting your goals. I especially love combining this with my New Moon soul work (which, for me, is usually at the Waxing Crescent, that first sliver of light reflected by Grandmother Moon), and today is the New Moon in Libra.

You can follow these basic steps, modify and/or add your own ritual, using different colour candles for different types of goals, or create rhyming verses — used in spellcraft — for your goals and intentions.

As with any kind of ritual, I like to prepare by first creating sacred space, getting grounded, and calling in my guides and allies. Once complete, I reverse all that, to close the space and give gratitude to my guides and allies.

Create your candle magick today by following these basic steps:

Choose a new white pillar or taper candle. Some suggest, instead, a small tealight or celebration candle, which has a short burn duration and will die out / complete by the end of the ritual. It’s a personal choice.

Charge it with your energy, or anoint with a favourite essential oil.

Set your intention — you might make a wish, set a goal or affirmation — and visualize it while you write your intention onto a small piece of paper or etch onto your candle (a Sigil is a great option).

Ignite the paper with your candle flame to release and manifest your intention, ensuring that it is burning in a fire-safe vessel. As it burns, continue to visualize how that intention manifests in your life, and what steps you might have to take to make it happen.

When complete, some like support manifesting the intention even more by to grounding the fully extinguished and cooled paper ash, by either keeping it on their altar or by returning it to the earth.

CAUTION: Be sure to practice fire safety with your candle, and never leave a lit candle unattended. It’s best to let the candle fully burn out on its own, so try to choose one that will burn for an hour or less.

Original Photo by Paige Cody on Unsplash