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I first heard of this spread — so fitting for us at the August Full Moon when we celebrate the goddess Diana — several years ago. It is known by several names including the Seven-Card Ellipse, Diana’s Crescent and Seven Stars.

I like the simplicity of the Diana’s Bow seven-card spread and have used it many times. It is ideal for guidance through pivotal points in life, to determine new paths or make new choices while looking at all influences.

The key to reading this spread is two-fold:

  • after shuffling your oracle or tarot deck and choosing seven cards, shuffle those selected again and then and assign them face down to positions 1 through 7
  • interpret each card individually and then at Card Four, start to create the story, interweaving the messages from each card until a full story emerges.

Consider using this layout with your favourite tarot or oracle cards to gain new perspectives in your Soul Work on this month’s theme of Harvesting Abundance (or your personal theme), perhaps even adapting the questions to reflect your chosen theme.

Ruzuku Collage WFGM 3 900 x 600-2

Card Meanings

These are the meanings for each position, with some suggestions for expanding the card interpretations to reflect the suggested theme of Harvesting Gratitude.

Card #1: The past, or that which is ending (What did I learn, and release, in my previous harvest?)

Card #2: The present (What am I now harvesting?)

Card # 3: The future, or that which is beginning (What seeds am I now planting?)

Card # 4: This card represents the wisdom of Diana, suggesting the path to take or what step to take next. (Choosing from a place of spiritual abundance, what new path am I now ready for?)

Card # 5: Represents helpful (⬆️)or harmful (⬇️) outside influences (What resources and support am I grateful for?)

Card # 6: Represents hopes (⬆️)and fears (⬇️)  (What internal resources and beliefs can help or hinder my journey?)

Card #7: The final outcome



⬆️ represents the meaning of a card in an upright position

⬇️ represents the meaning of a card in reversed (aka inverted) position

For more information about the goddess Diana, and her celebrations both ancient and modern, click here.