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Today is Friday the 13th, a date some see as bad luck but I have never aligned with those supposed negative energies.

For me, and for many women, this is a day to celebrate the Divine Feminine and our Inner Goddess. Thirteen is the number of moons in the year (most often). The Moon is a symbol of the Divine Feminine energy within us all. So, let us celebrate that!

I choose to reclaim the number 13 on this day and its association with Grandmother Moon aka Seanmháthair Gealach in Irish.

On this day of the Goddess, some choose to celebrate the triple goddess Hekate, who is associated with the number 13. 

I love this association. Some see Hekate as a “dark” goddess but, here, dark does not mean bad or evil or any other negative connotations. No, here “dark” refers to the deep, wise, powerful, ancestral, shadowy, transformative qualities of the goddess. 

It is likely that Hekate was originally a moon goddess and she is still associated with the Earth, Moon and Underworld (the place where spirits and our ancestors reside). She is also associated with magic and witchy ways, and protection of women. It was she who accompanies Persephone in her journeys to and from the Underworld.

Hekate stands at the meeting of three roads, the crossroads (trivia in Latin), and protects those on a journey of any kind: spiritual, emotional, physical, etc. When we call on Hekate, and her wisdom, we too can stand at our own crossroads (e.g. past, present, future; three potential paths, etc) and allow our intuition to guide us: to reveal what might not have been visible before, perhaps seeing where each path can take us, perhaps seeing what we have “buried” in our past, perhaps what we are ignoring in our present, or perhaps even a glimpse of our future.

Take some time today to reflect on Hekate and how she might guide or support you at your crossroad. 

And do consider what other goddess or goddesses are calling to you today with their wisdom or medicine.

Blessings to all on Friday the 13th!

Image of Hekate by Claudia Olivos. Visit on ETSY at OlivosARTstudio