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I often celebrate the Full Moon with a Goddess Bath, to celebrate the Goddess within, using a special bath salt blend to celebrate and honour my Self, which is both relaxing and detoxifying . . .  and perfect for the ancient Februa purification traditions.

And I will celebrate Aphrodite and my Self with a Goddess Bath on February 14th!

Your goddess bath blend and ritual can be modified to reflect the time of year or your lunar theme, by adding oils or herbs that reflect and support your intentions.

For this Aphrodite Feast Goddess Bath,  I am going to add in flowers and milk. Milk baths weren’t just for Cleopatra, they’re for the Goddess that you are.

DIY Bath Salt  

You may already have a favourite home-made bath salts recipe and there are so many ways to prepare them. You can make a large basic blend for several baths, or just enough for one bath (up to two cups).

I like to keep this as a master or “mother” blend and then customize each bath experience with additions such as essential oils, dried herbs, etc.

Start with a basic blend using:

  • one part Epsom Salts
  • one part Magnesium Flakes
  • one part Sea Salts


  • You can use any combination of salts, coarse or fine: Himalayan, Dead Sea, Celtic, etc, and can shift the ratio in any way you prefer (this is 1:1:1)
  • If you use coarse salts only, they may not dissolve thoroughly in the bath water. You can avert this by soaking your bath salt blend in a larger bowl of water overnight, or for a few hours. If you have any Full Moon Water prepared, that would be a perfect medium for dissolving the salt.
  • Optional: add one part of baking soda (Sodium Bicarbonate) which is also great for soothing the skin and further detoxifying.

Because this recipe is in “parts” (by volume), you can start as big or as small as you like. For instance, one part could equal one quarter-cup or even a whole cup.

For a single bath, you could also try these options:

Store the salts in a glass jar with an air-tight lid 
You could also add a favourite healing crystal to the blend for a day or two to charge up the salts even more. Be sure to check first that your crystal has been cleansed energetically, and that it’s safe to store atop salts for a day (for instance, this would not be good for brittle or crumbly stones). Rose quartz or amethyst would be good options.

Goddess Bath Ritual

It is now time to honour and celebrate the Goddess within you.

Gather your ingredients

  • up to 2 cups of your favourite basic bath salt blend
  • a handful of petals or blossoms from a favourite flower (roses, peonies, etc). If you do this at the Full Moon, make some Full Moon Flower Water by immersing cleansed blossoms in pure water under the moonlight, then decanting into a jar for immediate use
  • optional: up to 10 drops Essential Oils (either just one oil or a favourite blend). See FOOTNOTE below for some suggestions.
  • optional: up to 2 cups of plain milk osufficient powdered milk to make 2 cups plus 2 cups of your Full Moon Flower Water or plain water
    • If vegan, you could substitute almond, soy or coconut milk for the cow milk
    • NOTE: you could end up with an oily bath (and body!) so be sure to rinse/cleanse it afterwards


  • Draw a warm-to-hot bath.
  • Light some candles in the room (be sure to practise fire safety). Turn down or turn off any fluorescent or incandescent light. Turn on some relaxing music.
  • Add up to 2 cups of your Bath Salt Blend to the tub while the water is running (under the faucet is best, to ensure the salts dissolve as much as possible).
  • add your essential oils to the milk blend and pour into the tub when it is filled (see footnote)
  • add the flowers from your Full Moon Flower Water bowl to the tub
    • TIP: If you prefer not to have the raw botanicals floating in the tub, tie them up in a bouquet and/or place in a muslin or cheesecloth square (even a tea towel would do).
  • Optional: add the rest of the water from your Full Moon Flower Bowl to the tub

Begin the Ritual

Start by calling on your Goddesses, allies and guides. Ask for their guidance and support in honouring the Goddess that YOU are.

Stand skyclad (naked) and dry-brush your skin, to stimulate and cleanse it, and to support the detoxification effects of the bath.

Look into your bathroom mirror, knowing you are looking at the Goddess you are, and that your image in the mirror is a reflection of the Goddess within you.

As you look upon your skyclad Self, know that you are divine in all your glory and in all your perceived imperfections. Release any judgment of your body, its shape, its lines, its scars, its age. Each aspect is a divine manifestation of what you have experienced in your life. 

Your body is YOU. Like you, it is beautiful. Like you, it is divine. It is the Divine Feminine manifested in YOU. 

Before you step into your Goddess bath, affirm this in a a blessing or affirmation that speaks directly from your Soul.  I am not offering any suggestions here, as these must come from you. If you find yourself blocked, call out to your allies and ask them for inspiration.

As you step into your Goddess Bath, honour the process once more:

I thank Mama Earth for her gift of flowers as I too blossom and open. I thank her Milk for nourishing my body and skin. I thank her Salts and her Waters for their cleansing powers. Blessed Be!

Relax in your bath. Feel its soothing energies flow around and within you. Feel the manifesting energies of the goddess reach you. Release any preconceived notions about your body, as you accept your body and Self as the Divine Feminine, the Goddess you truly are.

Stay in your bath until you are relaxed and cleanses, and you feel that the ritual is complete. Refresh the bath with hot water as needed.

When complete, extinguish any candles and dry off and thank your Goddess(es), guides and allies . . . and your Divine Inner Self.

  • TIP: If your skin feels oily or there is any residue, it’s okay to take a quick shower.



You likely have your own favourite essential oils. Some of the oils I like to use to celebrate the Goddess within include: bergamot, cedar, frankincense, ginger, jasmine, lavender,  may chang (aka Litsea cubeba), neroli, palmarosa, peppermint, pink grapefruit, rose, rosemary, rosewood, rose geranium, patchouli, sage, sandalwood, sweet orange, vanilla, verbena, vetiver and ylang ylang. 

Some Essential Oil Blends to consider

If you are interested in creating your own blend, you could try any of the following blends in a diffuser to see if you like them, using around 5 drops in total. The scent may be slightly different when released into a bath. Pinterest is also a great source for essential oil blend formulations. 

Using any blend formulation, you can also play around with the number of drops to make the blend really resonate with you. When you’re satisfied, note the formula you used in your Book of Shadows or Grimoire. 

If you like a particular blend, you could also scale up, using 1 drop to represent 1 part (and then, that “part” could be whatever quantity you prefer: 1 ml, 5 ml, 1 tsp, etc).

CAUTION: If not familiar with an essential oil, research it thoroughly to be sure there are no contra-indications for you and any pre-existing health conditions you have. There are several online resources. You could start with Aromaweb. Do not apply  Essential Oils directly to the skin, or ingest.


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