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Here in Vancouver, LaLuna reached her peak fullness October 5th, at 11:40 AM Pacific Time. This full moon is known to many as the Hunter’s Moon. It is also called the Harvest Moon, as it is the Full Moon closest to the Autumn Equinox… a rarity for October.

This Full Moon was especially important for our ancestors who harvested crops late into the night during autumn. It’s so much easier to harvest under the brightness of a full moon as the days shorten in anticipation of winter!

Like all Full Moons, it will rise shortly after sunset in the East, always a glorious spectacle in Autumn, often seeming to glow with a red or orange hue, so large on the horizon. It rises in the fire sign of Aries and then moves into Taurus the following afternoon at 4:55 PM Pacific Time.

In Grandmother Moon’s monthly journey, the Full Moon represents the time of The Mother aspect of the Triple Goddess and the Goddesses of Summer… the fullness and abundance of growth and fertility. Call on the wisdom and energy of Áine, Demeter, Freyja, and Gaia to support your journey as you embrace the Full Moon yang energy and transition with it to the Waning yin release phase.

In the waxing journey of Seanmháthair Gealach (Grandmother Moon), you focused on your dreams, intentions, and goals, nurturing those precious buds and new beginnings in your Inner Garden. Now they are starting to flower and flourish.

The Full Moon is bright and rises at sunset, so is visible at night for much longer than in other lunar phases. Our ancestors celebrated the light of the Full Moon — something the city dwellers amongst us can’t always appreciate in the same way, with our city lights (oh, to be in the countryside!) — by getting together in communal celebrations, dancing, and the occasional libation. And many farmed by the light of the moon.

The Full Moon energy will linger for a day or two after the Full Moon.

Consider how you can celebrate the moonlight and the flowering of your dreams and goals. Perhaps a walk in the moonlight, meet with friends, do something you enjoy, write, create, sing… join in a full moon ritual. Howl at the Moon if it feels good!

The Full Moon is a good time to step firmly into the light… to look at things clearly and without apology… to stand in YOUR light… and to shine that light onto your Inner Cauldron.

The suggested theme at the New Moon was “Balance”, and that still holds for this Full Moon in Aries. Remind yourself what it feels like when you embrace balance, however you define it. In your Soul Work, consider perhaps how you embrace both your Yin and Yang energies… perhaps how you balance work and home… the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine… and be aware of what happens when you intentionally bring — or seek — balance into your life, what priorities start to shift and which priorities seem, perhaps, to no longer seem as important.

And as we move to the Waning half of the lunar journey, release whatever blocks you from standing in your way, whatever blocks you from being your authentic self or from completing your goals.

If any of your crystals or sacred tools need a gentle cleansing or charging, place them on a windowsill to bask in the moonlight. If you can safely place them outdoors, do so… but don’t forget that many a four-legged creature is foraging for winter at the moment!

Create, or modify, your personal Altar to bring in items to represent Autumn and the element of Water… items representing the changing of the seasons…nuts and berries… autumn colours… fallen leaves… corn or wheat… gourds and pumpkins.



one of my Autumn altars from a year ago


Do a simple release ritual using the element of water (for Autumn) such as this one I published last year.

Or use the Fire Energy of the full Moon in your release ritual. This can be as simple as writing what you want to release (perhaps that which is blocking you from achieving balance) on a slip of paper, then safely burn the paper in a cauldron or with a candle in a heat-proof dish. For a more detailed description of this ritual, click this link for our Full Moon Fire Release Ritual.

Journey or meditate on your Inner Cauldron with your guides… a perfect time to ask your Soul Question for this phase of the Moon: “What is flourishing?”

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Try the Drawing Down the Moon Ritual, originally posted on July 7th for the Full Moon in Capricorn.