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There is something of beauty about the First Quarter Moon, hanging in the south-western sky in early evening just above the horizon, finally setting just past the Midnight hour. Tonight, LaLuna forms a triangle with the planet Jupiter (in the constellation Virgo) shining brightly to its right (West), with Arcturus above them both, one of the brightest stars in the night sky, in the constellation Boötes, The Herdsman.

I love to see the light of distant stars, knowing we are looking into their distant past… and that some of them may now look very different, or have disappeared entirely.

It is pure magick for me to get out of the city and look up, watching the rotation of the night sky… the wandering planets… shooting stars… the streak of the Milky Way. And what an experience it was to travel south of the Equator for the first time, looking up into the night sky from the Andes Mountains in Peru … and seeing a sky that looked so very different!

My journey with Father Sky began with star-gazing at the night sky, with my father… captivated by his stories of the constellations and the Gods, Goddesses, Heroes, Heroines and magical creatures captured in the stars and planets.

And now these Gods and Goddesses have a deeper meaning for me… they are my inspiration, my support, my mentors and more.

Take some time this month to get more familiar with the night sky… observing the Moon as it rises and sets later each day… watching it rising at sunset at the Full Moon (a perfect time for the Drawing Down The Moon Ritual!)… until it fades from view at the Dark Moon. Feel that connection to LaLuna, Grandmother Moon. Get reacquainted with the constellations — and their stories — in YOUR night sky.

And for those who love to make a wish on a shooting star… you’ll be delighted by the arrival of the Perseid meteor showers in August! So many stars, so many wishes! The Perseids peak the night of August 12th, through to the early hours of the next morning. These can be seen in the Northern Hemisphere, travelling from the north-east sky near the constellation Perseus. And because the Moon will be in her Waning Gibbous phase (between the Full Moon and the Third Quarter, so quite brightly illuminated), it may be easier to see the shooting stars before the moonrise in the East at roughly 11 PM.

You began the journey in the darkness of the New Moon. You set your goals and defined your actions, your steps for manifesting those goals, by the Waxing Crescent, and now you’re on the outbound journey, tapping into the rising Waxing energy… and maybe “freaking out” just a little. Suddenly it’s all real! You’re doing this! Old fears may surface, old doubts.

But take a moment to breathe. The crisis point that is the Quarter Moon is toying with you once again, especially with its intense Scorpio energy which may allow negative energies to rise… but also one’s sensuality and emotions. Tact and discretion may fly out the window, but breathe in that intensity and use it FOR you.

So, you got this. You can handle whatever this Scorpio First Quarter Moon throws your way. Why? Because you are The Maiden, strong and fearless, stepping into your power and are responsible for your Self only. You are Brighid, Artemis, and Persephone.

Allow the energies of First Quarter — East, Air, Abundance — to inspire and motivate you as you review your journey thus far by asking the question “What is flourishing?”, and not just for this month but for the year so far.

With Lughnasadh celebrations starting at sunset on July 31st, this is the perfect time to reflect on what has flourished in your life this year …. what metaphorical harvests you are reaping… and to determine your plans for the harvest period between Lughnasadh and Samhain on November 1st.

It is a time for gratitude for what is flourishing and abundant in your life, and for all who have supported you, loved you, taught you, mentored you.

❤️Coeur-age, my love ❤️

Wisdom from Seanmháthair Gealach (Grandmother Moon)
First Quarter Moon in Scorpio
Arrived July 30th @ 8:23 AM Pacific Time (15:23 UTC)
Moonrise @ 2:05 PM PT, Moonset @ 2:13 AM PT
Moon Mansions:
Al-Iklil, 17, until 10:12 AM PT (Essence: Friendship)
Al-Qalb, 18, from 10:13 AM PT (Essence: Defence.)
Theme for this Lunar Journey: Coeur-ageous transformation