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Getting ready to make a Courage Essential Oil Blend

The New Moon in Leo arrives 23-July @ 02:45 AM Pacific Time / 09:45 UTC. Are you ready to enter this new doorway of transformation?

Silver RavenWolf, in her book The Ultimate Book of Shadows for the New Generation Solitary Witch, suggests the New Moon in Leo is a good time for spells for courage, strength, success, and leadership.

Sounds good to me, as I’m working with coeur-age this month!

There are very many Courage Spells and rituals but I like this simple Enhancing Courage Spell from Ann Moura’s Grimoire for the Green Witch (p. 279)

For this ritual, done in a Waxing to Full Moon, you will need a red candle and either some Rosemary Essential Oil (Rosmarinus officinalis) or a Courage Essential Oil Blend.

I like this recipe for Courage Essential Oil Blend from Scott Cunningham’s The Complete Book of Incense Oils & Brews (p. 112):

  • 3 drops Ginger Essential Oil (Zingiber officinale)
  • 1 drop Black Pepper EO (Piper nigrum)
  • 1 drop Clove/Clove Bud EO (see NOTE  below)
    • NOTE: Mountain Rose Herbs lists their Clove Bud as Syzygium aromaticum but Aromatics International labels their Clove bud as Eugenia Caryophyllata (as does mine in the picture above).

If you prefer not to touch these oils directly, add the drops to one tablespoon of your preferred carrier oil. You can then use this diluted blend on your skin for a little bump of courage when needed.

No essential oils? No problem! If you have any dragon’s blood or frankincense, light these in an appropriate burner and waft your candle through the smoke. Or pick up a sprig of rosemary from your grocery store or garden, and use it as a smudge.


Before you begin the ritual, meditate on the Strength and Courage you are seeking and create an affirmation for it.

Then, begin with your own personal rituals for spell crafting or ceremonies such as grounding and centering; casting the circle; calling in the directions; calling in your guides, ancestors, angels, goddess(es), etc.

Anoint/rub the candle with your oil (or smudge it with your incense), then inscribe with an appropriate runic (or other) symbol.

I love working with the WomenRunes created by Shekhinah Mountainwater, and which have been transformed into cards by Brigid’s Grove.  These symbols may resonate with you: The Dancing Woman, the Rune of Power; The Flying Woman, the Rune of Transformation;  or The Heart, the Rune of Love & Passion). All can be inscribed quite easily.

Untitled design

You might also consider these rune choices recommended by Moura:

FEOH (aka FEHU) for energy
THORN (aka THOR) for protection and willpower
MANNAZ (aka MAN) or self-improvement
KEN (aka CEN) for opening of positive energy
UR for personal strength
DAEG for a fresh start
SIGEL for achievement and self-confidence
TYR (aka TIW) for victory, courage, and success

You can also choose to etch in your personal sun sign or ruling planet sign.


Rune names and meanings

Light the candle and wave your wand, or favourite crystal, above it while saying these words from Ann Moura or something in your own words with the same/similar meaning:

“I call upon the Powers of Earth, Air, Fire and Water; the energies of the ancient runes; the spirits of the hoary planets! As this candle melts, may these qualities __________________ [insert your qualities or affirmation here] I seek enter into me, that as I will, So Mote It Be!

Close the ritual with your preferred way (closing the circle, directions, etc), and be sure to give your gratitude to those you called upon for guidance during the ritual.


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