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Wisdom from Seanmháthair Gealach (Grandmother Moon)
New Moon in Leo (Fire, Fixed) at 23-July @ 02:45 AM Pacific Time / 09:45 UTC
Moon Mansion Al-Jabhah until 3:36 PM PT (Essence: Recovery. Benevolence. Help against enemies.)
Theme for this Lunar Journey: Coeur-ageous transformation



This New Moon in Leo is always one near to my heart, for many reasons. It is in the Fire sign of Leo, a sign of courage, creativity and passion… and the heart (“coeur“-age), both physically and energetically. And this year it arrives just a week before Lughnasadh, the cross-quarter date associated with the First Harvest (grain) commonly celebrated on August 1st or thereabouts… more on Lammas traditions and dates in posts within the next week.

The Wheel of the Year is turning towards Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere, the Third /Waxing Quarter, the West of the year. This is a time to reflect on the goals, intentions or words created roughly six months ago at Imbolc or at the New Year…. a mid-point review, as it were.

Did you know that the questions we ask of the Moon Phases in the New Moon Medicine Wheel layout can also be applied to our Soul Work at the Cross-Quarter Days?

East & Imbolc: What is beginning?
South & Beltaine: what is flourishing?
West & Lughnasadh: What is transforming?
North & Samhain: What is the lesson?

And this gave me my theme for this month… not just Coeur-age but Coeur-ageous transformation… looking at how I have transformed this year, what transformation is still shifting, moving, changing and how my connection to Heart supports that.

Perhaps one of these themes works for you… or perhaps something you create will resonate even more, based on your Soul Work so far this year?


SM 800 x 800-5

The New Moon has been described as an energetic doorway, inviting us in to connect with what we want to create. During these days of the Dark Moon / New Moon, I will step through that energetic doorway and journey to my own transformation and into my Heart to find my specific goals for this lunar journey (to be confirmed by the Waxing Crescent).

Last year, I created these Soul Questions for the New Moon in Leo. If you resonate with the theme Coeur-age, consider asking these when doing your New Moon layout or journey:

  • How do I honour my Heart and my Self?
  • How do I honour others in relationships such as my partner, friends, and family
  • Where (and when) might I need to raise my awareness (and practise) of self-care, self-love?

And let’s not ignore the Shadow side of love, especially when we are in the Dark/New Moon:

  • Where and when do I love too much or give too much?
  • Where and when do I expect too much or need too much?

Or perhaps these Soul Questions for Coeur-ageous transformation may work for you:

  • What has transformed in me or in my world since setting my goals (words, intentions) at Imbolc/New Year?
  • What actions did I take to support, honour and manifest those goals (words, intentions)?
  • What else must I do to continue supporting, honouring, and manifesting that which is still transforming?
  • How has my Heart supported me in my transformation… and how have I supported my Heart?

And let’s not ignore the Shadow side of Coeur-ageous transformation, especially when we are in the Dark/New Moon:

  • What part of my transformation or manifestations took me to a place of discomfort?
  • How did I resolve that discomfort… bury it again? bring it to the light? heal it? change it?


To enhance your Soul Work this month, consider making this New Moon Essential Oil blend to add to your diffuser when meditating or journeying.

You can also add to one tbsp (15 ml) of your favourite carrier oil and use for anointing new spiritual tools. (Blend Source: Pagan Portals – Moon Magic (Kindle Edition)

  • 4 drops Patchouli Essential Oil (Pogostemon cablin)
  • 3 drops Cedarwood EO (ATLAS – Cedrus atlantica; VIRGINIA – Juniperus virginiana)
  • 4 drops Sweet Orange EO (Citrus sinensis )

New Moon Blessings !


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