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Photo by Pascal Beyer on Unsplash

My healing journey —for both my personal healing and working in partnership with clients — changed dramatically in powerful ways when I embraced PSYCH-K® as a modality. This Earth-loving shamanic practitioner already was aligned and practising one of the underlying foundations of PSYCH-K®: working with the Principles of Nature. Mama Earth can teach us so much about survival, growth, sustainability and more.

During the current world pandemic COVID-19 crisis, I turn to these principles even more so, and in the coming weeks I will be sharing some of these principles to raise our collective awareness and mindset to the power of possibility by working with Nature.


The first Principle of Nature, Collaboration, is relevant at all times and perhaps even more important now. We see examples all around us in nature of species of all kinds — both plant and animal —collaborating for mutual benefit and survival.

For instance:

  • Ecologist and UBC professor Suzanne Simard discovered the amazing collaboration of trees and fungi / mycelium. We may have been taught in school that the tree roots are solely responsible for bringing nutrients into the trunk and up to the leaves, but Simard discovered that it was much more complex. The mycelium network surrounds the roots and enables the trees to not only access the soil’s nutrients but also to send nutrients to other trees. They can even “talk” through the mycelium network, sending signals of environmental change, kinship and more.
  • Bees and Flowers are also mutually dependent in a symbiotic relationship. As Bees search for nectar in flowers, they inadvertently pollinate the flowers by transferring the pollen of one plant to the flower of another. The nectar (and pollen) is then returned to the hive to create food for all.

Collaboration may be key for us now

Perhaps we can start with a collaborative mindset, recognizing that we are all in this crisis together and that by working effectively together we can mitigate risk and help our “hive”. And that also means collaborating with health-care professionals and our government(s) at all levels (local, provincial/state, federal) by observing their guidelines.

The actions each of us take — or don’t take — can have a huge impact on our collective health and well-being.

So if your government says wash your hands, please do so!

And even though individually we may be practising social distancing and self-isolation, we can still both rely on and support others, and connect in safe and effective ways like the trees and fungi, and the bees and flowers:

  • Share tools, tips, and information with other others, but be sure to validate the information first and share only what is accurate, not speculative.
  • Consider ways you can support others, and where you can collaborate in all areas of life: work, home, play.
    • For example, many are now taking turns doing shopping runs for needed supplies, especially for those most vulnerable such as seniors and those with compromised immunity systems.
  • Call those who are locked in or isolated, for a chat or just to say “Hello, I’m thinking of you.”
  • If you witness a great example of collaboration, thank those doing it . . . and share, adopt or adapt!

These are just some general suggestions but I’d love to hear how YOU have been collaborating with others during this crisis. The collective hive is much more imaginative and a better problem solver than we as individuals . . . so please do share your thoughts on how we can collaborate to move through this crisis. Hmm… another way to collaborate!

Please share so we can also share, adopt or adapt your collaborative efforts!