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Flower essences are a wonderful way to bring the healing power of local plants to you all year around. They contain the essential subtle DNA / energetic print of the flower and can be used for homeopathic healing of all kinds: emotional and spirit.

I carry one of the well-known commercial flower essences with me at all times, the Bach Flower “Rescue Remedy”, which is a blend of five flower essences: Impatiens, Star of Bethlehem, Cherry Plum, Rock Rock and Clematis.

Making floral essences can be done at any time of the year that plants are in bloom, and is a perfect activity for Spring and Summer with the rising waxing energies. You can use blossoms from trees or plants. In the Autumn, I make Falling Leaf Essences and also make Fir & Pine Tree Essences with bark, needles, cones, etc.

You can intentionally choose a plant to work with, one whose medicine you seek, or you can allow your intuition and the plant itself to guide your choice.

For me, making Plant Essences is a seasonal activity, and a way to connect to the energy of the plants around me as they cycle through their seasons of growth. Here in Vancouver, in early Spring, I create new essences with the blossoming trees such as Cherry and Apple, but also trees such as Dogwood, Magnolia and Chestnut. Cherry Blossom Essence calms the heart, and is a good antidote to stress and trauma.  Apple Blossom Essence clarifies and purifies the emotions, and assists in releasing past toxic energies.

Ruzuku Activity Collages 2 900 x 300 6-4

Soon I will be making essences with the flowers of Summer . . . clover, poppy, foxglove and — one of my favourites, which blossoms around Summer Solstice — St. John’s Wort. 

Getting Started

You need full sunlight, a clear glass bowl, pure spring water, snips/scissors, a small amount of brandy or vodka, a dark jar/bottle for your Mother Essence and a smaller bottle to decant for your Stock Essence. And, of course, you need access to plants that have not been treated with pesticides of any kind.

Create the Mother Essence

It is best to work in the sunshine for this activity.

Your goal is to capture the Vibrational Essence of the plant, and create the Mother Essence.

Find an area where plants are growing strongly and without pesticides of any kind. Bring your awareness to the plants around you, feeling their energy and their vibrations. Perhaps a plant is calling to you? Perhaps there is a plant you are seeking . . . yarrow, rose, dandelion, poppy, St John’s Wort?

Once you have found your plant, attune even deeper to its energy and vibration, its healing properties, its medicine.

Sitting with your plant, ask the plant for permission to cull some of its blooms. If the answer is yes, place your clear glass bowl filled with pure spring water beside the plant and snip a few blossoms, allowing them to fall into the water. Cover the surface fully (if possible) with the blossoms, and do not worry about immersing the blossoms; the energy will flower into the water without immersion.

TIP: Try not to touch the plants with your hands to preserve the energetic flow. You could use a plant leaf, or a saucer, to capture the falling blooms and place them in the bowl.

Sit for a while in a sunny spot, and be mindful that shadows do not fall on your brewing essence. Meditate on the plant, its spirit, its medicine.  Journal your thoughts and the wisdom you receive from the plant. 

Notice the subtle changes as the plant sits in the water, as it begins to wilt or look spent. Does it feel different energetically? Again, capture your thoughts in your journal. This process could take a couple of hours or more.

FYI, some folks believe it’s okay to walk away from the bowl of blossoms, once the flowers have connected to the water, and you have made your connection. Some folks stay with the plant the entire time. It’s a personal choice.

When you feel the process is nearing completion, connect with the blossoms in the bowl,  asking Are you complete?

When you get a yes, gently scoop the blossoms from the bowl using the plant’s natural material (e.g. stem, leaf, stalk).  This is important as you want the water to imprint with the energy of the flower, and not with your energy.

Decant the flower water into your Mother Essence jar, then add an equal amount of brandy or vodka. This is your Mother Essence. Label the jar with the date prepared, ingredients and quantity (add the botanical name if known). Let this rest for a few days.

Make your Stock Essence

Stock Essences are also known as Dosage Bottles. Everyone has there own preferences for the ratio of Mother Essence to Stock Essence. If you have several Mother Essences, you can even create your own blends (this is essentially what Bach Flower Remedies are).

Here are very many ways to prepare a Stock Essence, for your home apothecary or for sharing/swapping with friends.  Some folks use 100% alcohol in their Stock Essences, and other use a 50:50 ratio of water:alcohol. Some use more (or less) drops.

TIP: If in doubt, use your pendulum to confirm the number of Mother Essence drops to use, and what ratio to use in your Stock Essence bottle.

Stock Essence # 1

Fill a 10ml dark/amber bottle with 5 ml of spring water and 5 ml of brandy or vodka. Add 7 drops of your Mother Essence and tighten the cap. Hold the bottle between your palms, and slowly agitate or twirl, bringing your intention and energy to the blend.

Label the bottle with the date prepared, ingredients and quantity, and name of the Mother Essence. Leave the two bottles (Mother and Stock) together for a few days.

Stock Essence # 2

Add two to four drops of your Mother Essence to a one ounce bottle (30ml) of brandy or vodka (no water added), following the instructions above for Essence #1.

Non-Alcoholic Options for Stock Essences

I would consider making your Mother Essence with brandy or vodka as it is a great preservative, but for those who can not use alcohol for any reason, consider using a non-alcoholic option in your Stock Essence.  In the Stock Essence, substitute pure Apple Cider Vinegar or a Vegetable Glycerin for the alcohol (brandy or vodka). As you are blending only a few drops of the Mother (which is 50:50 alcohol:water) into your Stock, it will be considerably diluted . . . and further diluted if you blend your Stock into water.

How to use a Stock Essence

Add 2 to 4 drops of your Stock Essence to a cup of pure water, and drink. You can also drop the essence directly under the tongue. You can do this 3-4 times per day.

Consider adding the flower essence to a water bottle for drinking throughout the day.

Using Flower Essences is a great way to shift gears and bring your awareness to your own healing!

This article was originally created for our courses “Wisdom from Grandmother Moon 2018”.