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New Moon in Leo . . . and so much more!
July 28, 2022 at 17:54 UTC • 10:54 am PDT • 1:54 pm EDT

Are you ready for the New Moon in Leo? In addition to the inspirational power of fiery Leo, this coming lunar month brings us several influences and energies from the Sky realm. And, like Van Gogh, I too will be dreaming with the stars. I continue to dream for all women and girls to have choice, to have autonomy and to have self-sovereignty in this world of ours. 

Influences and energies from the Sky realm 

August 1st is the traditional date for Lúnasa (also known as Lammas, and First Harvest) in the Northern Hemisphere, whilst those in the Southern Hemisphere celebrate Imbolg (also known as Candlemas). You could choose to celebrate on that traditional date, or at the precise midpoint between the June Solstice and the September Equinox, which this year falls on August 7th at 12:36 UTC (22:36 AEST/Sydney time, 08:36 EDT, and 05:36 PDT). Or both! 

The Lion’s Gate Portal arrives August 8th, just a day after Lúnasa / Imbolg. Some believe the Lion’s Gateway is a cosmic portal between physical and spiritual realms, just as some of us see Samhain and Bealtaine as a thinning of the veils between the physical world and the Other World.  It is seen as a time of heightened consciousness, high frequencies, accelerated ascension, connection and activation. For instance, you may notice a significant change in two chakras: your heart chakra (a healing or opening) and your third-eye chakra (an awakening or charging). You may notice an increased communication with guides, allies and ancestors. Some report a burst of energy or a profound sense of peace. Click here to read more from the Inner Journey Events blog. 

The magical display of the Perseid meteor shower peaks August 12th to 13th.  Per, “The Perseids are one of the brighter meteor showers of the year. They  occur every year between July 17 and August 24 and tend to peak around August 9-13.” There are many thoughts on what meteor showers represent, but what I like is that they are formed from stardust, created when a comet disintegrates. And are not we too created from stardust? So for me, they are not spent, but reborn, light from darkness . . .  each fragment lighting our sky is also lighting our dreams, our thoughts, our creativity.  What are your thoughts on the meaning of meteor showers?

But there is more! The final Super Moon of the year arrives on August 11th, in the Full Moon in Aquarius, which for me is always about celebrating the goddess Diana / Artemis. Our online Bean Gealach Circle gathers on that day to create relationship with the goddess Diana / Artemis in a virtual grove, connect to her energies, find our own symbols for her qualities within us . . . and perhaps find a new sacred tool for our rituals. We will journey, create ritual, and share our experiences. 

Do consider joining the Circle to save your spot in the virtual grove we will create to celebrate the goddess.  

Click any of the images below for more info and registration for our current courses: Lúnasa Season (for those in the Northern Hemisphere), Imbolg Season (Southern Hemisphere) and the Bean Gealach Circle, our new on-line circle for the wise, wild and witchy!

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