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Jump into this course in our new Wheel of the Year series, and learn how to create your own celebrations, ceremonies, incenses and craft sacred objects for Imbolc 2020, and journey to Brighid’s Forge where you will connect with your Inner Cauldrons and their wisdom, receive a spirit gift from Brighid, and (in a separate private online session) receive Brighid’s Fire Blessing offered simultaneously around the world.

Early Bird price $10 USD ends today, January 16th.

Click here for Full Details and Registration links.

Click here to register at the EARLY BIRD price until midnight January 16, 2020.

This Imbolc is a very special day for Brighid followers around the world as at 7 PM Dublin (Ireland) time we will collectively light candles for Brighid and offer her Fire Blessing.

Per the Moon Mná website:

At 7 pm on February 1st, Moon Mná Facilitators will hold their Women’s Celtic Circles globally and light Brigid’s Flame together from candles holding the energy of her Fire Temple in Kildare, offering Fire Blessings in a worldwide spiral mirroring our foremothers at this auspicious Celtic Festival. A special photo of each light-filled Ceremony will be taken from the Circles in Canada, America, Australia, Mexico, Europe and Ireland to mirror the Herstory projects on iconic buildings. The Herstory Light Festivalis an annual global event celebrating women and equality and takes place over the weekend of Birgid’s Day in honour of Ireland’s triple goddess and patron Saint.