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Each year on April 22, we celebrate Earth Day / Jour de la Terre. For some, every day is Earth Day but this special day can also be an opportunity to reflect on our relationship with the world around us and perhaps renew our commitment to sustainability.

For me, it begins with right relationship and connecting to the spirit of the land: what lives and grows in my locale, how each transforms throughout the cycle of life and the year, how that manifests in me, how I can align with those energies, what nourishes us all and how I can in turn nourish the land.

Consider how you can make a stronger connection with the local flora and fauna in your area. That could include, for instance, learning more about local ecology, indigenous vs invasive plants, lore about their magic and medicine, ethically foraging, exploring local wild areas, birdwatching, participating in local clean-up at beaches or parks, or by introducing indigenous plants into your garden or plant containers (window boxes, etc). There are so many possibilities!

I use iNaturalist — which can be used from a browser or with their app — to identify local plants, and to find particular species in my area. They have now created the Seek app, which identifies not just plants but also wildlife and fungi.

The global theme for Earth Day 2021 is Restore Our Earth, focusing on “natural processes, emerging green technologies, and innovative thinking that can restore the world’s ecosystems” and the Earth Day Canada has chosen #TakeCareofthePlanet as its theme.

These inspired my personal Earth Day theme for this year of Rewilding, reconnecting to and restoring the wild woman within me, supporting the restoration of indigenous plants and wetlands in my locale, and supporting the removal of invasive plants.

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This year, I’m using clay and recycling paper to make some seed bombs and seed paper for scattering (ethically and with permission of the land) local indigenous flowering plant seeds, in support of our pollinators, so vital to the earth. I know a few will end up in our balcony window boxes too! I look forward to seeing them grow and bloom.

If this interests you, Google or check Pinterest for some ideas, or check out these:

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How will you honour Earth Day 2021?