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Eclipse Season is almost here! This year, it begins with a total lunar eclipse on the Full Super Moon in Sagittarius on May 26th, aka the Super Full Blood Moon! 

May’s lunar eclipse will be visible in much of Europe, much of Asia, North/West Africa, much of North America, Atlantic, Arctic. Click here for more info about this full moon from

Did you know that a solar eclipse normally follows (or precedes) the lunar eclipse? This year, the solar eclipse follows on June 10th, as an annular solar eclipse. These eclipses can be quite dramatic, called by some a “ring of fire” because the Moon covers only the Sun’s centre, leaving its outer edges visible during the transit. Click here for more information on the solar eclipse from

The solar-lunar eclipse pairing will be repeated later this year, with a deep partial lunar eclipse on November 18-19. This will be a particularly potent astronomical time, associated with the Leonids meteor showers, the goddess Hekate, and the fire festivals of Samhain in the Northern Hemisphere and Bealtaine in the Southern Hemisphere). This will be followed by a total solar eclipse on December 4th. 

What is the significance of an eclipse?

Image by D Mz from Pixabay 

I think of the lunar eclipses as alchemical in nature, powerful catalysts for change, a sudden rush of Yin / Divine Feminine energy during that Yang / Divine Masculine full moon peak, bringing us a sudden blast of deep wisdom and intuition. This is a a powerful time to connect to your Wise Inner Self, and to the hidden powers within, and to tap into the powerful mutable fire energies of Sagittarius to aid in your transformation.

Some consider this a potent time for magical work, for spellcraft, as the eclipse — and Full Moon — can amplify or boost the magic. Focus on spellwork that is aligned with the Full Moon energies or deities, or spellwork aligned with the Divine Feminine, intuition and women’s mysteries. That being said, others avoid spellwork entirely during an eclipse, so do what works for you!

Astrologers tell us that an eclipse can be a marker for transformation, an opportunity to look at things differently, to expect the unexpected, and a portal to step into one’s soul or spiritual work.

For instance, you might consider what has also been blocked or obscured in your own view of the world, or view of your Self. An eclipse can remind us that appearance is not necessarily reality. Perhaps much of this year and last year has been a reminder of that too!

Blessings on the coming Super Full Blood Moon and Eclipse!