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Last night I joined in a teleseminar led by Jean Shinoda Bolen, on the Goddess(es) in every woman after 50…. fascinating!

During the event, she talked about the “C” word… yep, Crone! A word many of us are reclaiming, just as many of us are also reclaiming the word witch, both with wise and sacred traditions of knowledge and wisdom.

Bolen spoke about the thirteen qualities that identify a Crone, in a light-hearted way, and the first of the thirteen really captured my heart: Crones Don’t Whine! LOL!

In her book Crones Don’t Whine, Bolen elaborates:

“TO BE A CRONE, you need to let go of what should have been, could have been, might have been. You need to silence the whining in your head that will come out of your mouth next. Whining makes you unable to live in the present, or be good company for anyone—even yourself. Whiners assume they were and are entitled to a different life from the one they have. Whiners do not see that everyone has had a share of the bad things that happen to people. Ungrateful for what they do have, whiners cannot enjoy the present.”

The book, of course, goes into this in much more depth… and defining what whining is (and isn’t).

It got me thinking about when I whine —or drop into Victim mentality, feeling powerless — vs. doing something about it. A powerful reminder!

In future… I will wine… but not whine!

And I will stand proudly as a Crone !!!

Crone Power!


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