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Wisdom from Seanmháthair Gealach (Grandmother Moon)
Waning Gibbous Moon
Moving from Capricorn to Aquarius at 4:44 PM PT (23:44 UTC) June 12th
Day 18 of the Lunar Journey

LaLuna has moved beyond the waxing Full Moon brightness and is now in the waning gibbous phase, the second half of her journey towards the Dark Moon, the New Moon, renewal. And next week, Father Sun —Daghda— reaches his peak at the Summer Solstice (Northern Hemisphere), marking the transition from waxing to waning in the year.

And this is also so for many of us, we who find ourselves moving into the waning phase of our journey. . .  a time when our energy can also shift from outward to inward, when we can strengthen our connection to Self, when we can deepen our intuition, and when we can share our wisdom even more.

And know this: even though one may be in the waning years,
the journey still has far to go.

And if you are in the waxing years, know that there is still much to learn and experience, and that spending time with the Mothers and Crones can illuminate your journey in ways you might not have imagined.

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Life brings us many milestones, all worthy of celebration. But at times, I hear concern in the voices of friends —and clients —about an approaching birthday milestone, worried and fearful of getting “old”. . .  as if those years could define us. . .  as if those years could age us. . .  as if those years could stop us!

Recently I spent time with several people agonizing about turning 30, perhaps not noticing the irony of sharing those fears with someone twice their age!

But is it our years on this planet that define our age? In my humble opinion, what ages us — or serves to keep us youthful and vibrant — is how we choose to experience our journey through life. Our attitude. How we nourish and nurture our body, mind, and spirit. Our willingness to explore, to learn new things. Our inner peace. Our connection to Self, to Inner Wisdom.

The years (can!) bring experience, wisdom, knowledge, and also the opportunity to continue to follow one’s dreams, to live authentically, to share our wisdom. A wrinkle, scar or grey hair are merely medals earned on our journey through life.

And if we are long in years, is that not something to celebrate? To honour? To respect?

So, if you fear that milestone of 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 or more, remember this:

Your journey may be changing but it is relevant. It is vibrant. It is deepening. It is even stronger. The second half of one’s life can be both illuminating and wise.

You are stepping into the wisdom that you were born with and can now share with others.

You’re not getting old… you’re aligning with your inner wisdom.


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