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Blessed be at this time of Equinox, when Mama Earth is balanced for night and day, dark and light.

Whatever you celebrate at this time of year, the astronomical birth of Autumn or the astronomical birth of Spring, take some time to reflect on your own rebirth and renewal. What new pages can you turn in your life? What ideas or beliefs can you put behind you to make room for a spiritual or emotional renewal?

my simple Spring Equinox altar with an apple “star of Sofia”

Equinox Apple Ritual

For this ritual, you will need an apple, raffia or twine (preferably organic!), and two cloves. This can be done at any time during Equinox season, and can be created at either or both Equinoxes (March and September).

Begin your ritual, as you always do in your personal practice, perhaps by creating Sacred Space and calling in your guides and allies.

Take a moment to meditate on your intentions for the coming season. As the Equinox celebrates a threshold of a new astronomical season and balance around the world of day and night, consider your intentions both for your Self and for our blessed Mother Earth.

Once you have clarity, create your Equinox Blessings Apple in this simple ritual to affirm and charge those intentions.

  • Split an apple crosswise to reveal the Star of Sofia, the five pointed (pentacle) of wisdom at the heart of every apple
  • Breathe your intentions for your personal life into a clove
  • Breathe your intentions for Mother Earth into another clove
  • Insert the cloves into the Star of Sofia, one in each half apple
  • Contemplate your journey, and the Earth’s journey, and intentions as you bring the halves together
  • Bind the halves with organic material
  • Hang from a tree in your garden or in a wild place
  • Give gratitude to Mother Earth, your guides and allies
  • Close your Sacred Space

Blessings on the Equinox