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Art: Libra, by Josephine Wall

Living in the Wisdom of Right Relationship 

The New Moon of October 19th arrives in the sign of Libra, a Cardinal sign signifying initiation and aligned with the cerebral element Air, which can bring change and inspiration or knock us down with heavy gusts! We enter and depart from the world with Air, from our first inspiring breath to our last expiring breath.

Libra is represented by the scales of balance, the only inanimate symbol in the zodiac many of us are familiar with; all the rest are represented by animals or humans (and even a few gods and goddesses). But that doesn’t mean it’s a cold sign, devoid of emotion. Just the opposite, in fact, as Libra is ruled by Venus, the Goddess of Love.  So, Libra asks us to celebrate (or at least consider!)relationship and everything associated with it, such as harmony, cooperation, romance . . . and the beauty of the Goddess. Libra asks us to consider what it means to be in Right Relationship, how we relate to others.

This New Moon is opposite Uranus, the Great Awakener. Be prepared for a big awakening or a major shift change, how you choose to experience your relationships from now on . . . with loved ones, with your Self and with Mama Earth. This is what 18th Century Quaker John Woolman called Living in Right Relationship . . . transcending selfishness and acting for a sustainable greater good.

So, no surprises, the theme for this lunar month is Relationship. If this theme works for you, wonderful! If not, choose another theme that resonates . . .  perhaps inspired by your Dark Moon reflections on last month’s journey.

Goddess Energies

cailleach-300dpi-2-copySo many influences at this time of year! The New/Dark Moon brings us the deep feminine energy of the Crone, the wisdom-keeper, the blood-mystery of menopause, the wise blood within. The Crone can be represented by Dark Mother goddesses such as Hecate, Hel, Cerridwen, An Cailleach, Kali and more.  This is strengthened even more by the approach of Samhain, the time of Winter, the time of the Cailleach. Embrace her deep wisdom as you explore Relationship this month.

These Dark Mothers are the Goddesses of our transitions, the liminal moments between life and death, between the conscious and unconscious, between the shadows and reality. They are creation and destruction.  And they are your allies in the last waning moments of the solar year, as we transition to the Dark Half of the year. Their darkness is not just shadow, but power and knowledge and deep intuitive insight.

Soul Work & Soul Questions 

The First Nations expression All My Relations reminds us that we are in community with our fellow humans and with everything on this planet, in this Universe and in the Otherworld(s). . .  Great Spirit, the Star People, the Standing People, the Stone People, the Plant People, the Ancestors and more.

For this month’s theme of Relationship, take some time to consider ALL your relationships ― with the Self, with loved ones, with your Ancestors, with Spirit, and with Mama Earth. Take time to consider how you honour and respect and nurture all these relationships, and where you might be out of alignment, out of Right Relationship.

The nature of our relationships is unique to each of us. Each has its own ebb and flow, crisis and resolution, its own cycle of growth and entropy, its own lessons and value.

Using the basic four questions in the New Moon Medicine Wheel Layout, I invite you to create your own Soul Questions around Relationship for this Lunar Journey based on the Four Directions and Elements.

Before you begin, consider choosing a card from your favourite oracle or tarot deck as a Signifier, to represent YOU in this journey and in these Soul Questions:

🌓 In the East, Air, First Quarter Moon: What is beginning?

🌕 In the South, Fire, Full Moon: What is flourishing?

🌗 In the West, Water, Third Quarter Moon: What is transforming?

🌑 In the North, Earth, Dark/New Moon: What is the lesson?

Journal your observations, feelings and what you learned about Relationships in this lunar journey that began with the New Moon in Libra, and revisit your thoughts at the Full Moon/Blue Moon in Libra on Saturday, March 31, 2018.

Wisdom from Seanmháthair Gealach (Grandmother Moon)
New Moon / Dark Moon in Libra
October 19th @ 12:12 pm PT / 19:12 UTC
Libra Star Medicine: Element – Air, Cardinal Sign – the initiator
Mansion Al-Iklil: Keywords are Friendship, Love and Marriage

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