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First Quarter Moon in Gemini
February 23 @12:09 am PT / 08:09 UTC (GMT)
Qualities: Air, Mutable
Moon Mansion: # 6, Al-Hana (good for love & friendship, relationships)

I’m up in my head… thinking, creating, buzzing around in space which can be a typical First Quarter behaviour for me! Is it the same for you? I find myself looking for ways to ground, get perspective and move from thought to action. I may have to shapeshift into a creature that experiences the world a little more slowly as I sit and contemplate my Soul Questions and Soul Work today!

This First Quarter brings us to the East in our lunar Medicine Wheel, the home of Air: vision, inspiration, perspective, fresh starts, and the mind.

We are also guided by The Maiden energy — Goddesses such as Brighid, Persephone (aka Kore), Artemis (Diana in the Roman pantheon) and Grainne — as we take action on our journey. Perhaps you have a Goddess that you work with who is also standing by with her wisdom?

But be aware of natural tension/crisis feeling of the Quarter Moon. The Maiden is eager to explore, to journey, to manifest her dreams and goals. But, she may feel conflicted —  torn between the exhilaration of her independence and the fear of not being up to the tasks of the journey.

And this Moon is in Gemini… an Air sign, mutable in Nature. The Mutable quality of Gemini prepares us for transition, from what we were to what we will become. You may find that with the Air element so active you might wander into over-thinking, or waffling between the choices balanced on your scale. Gemini too can reinforce a sense of changeability, a sense of being scattered. You may be getting in your own way, torn by the crisis of The Maiden, between responsibility and independence.

Soul Work for the First Quarter Moon

Since the darkness and deep Yin energy of last week’s New Moon,  each day the Creation Energy — Yang — has been increasing as we move toward next month’s Full  Chaste Moon (aka Worm, Crow or Seed Moon).

From that deep composted energy, a seed is growing, flourishing. And that energy is now emerging in your consciousness for you to manifest, to finalize as a goal or intention, however big or small.

If you haven’t already done a New Moon Medicine Wheel layout, it’s not too late. And if you have, now is the time to pull additional cards for The East, to expand the information already received at the New Moon.

Pictured above is the  Medicine Wheel layout that I pulled at the New Moon, plus the two additional cards I pulled for The East today.

I had asked for an Animal Ally with which I could shapeshift, to get a different perspective and my request was answered! Wood Mouse showed up in the East, along with Salmon (in the Green Oracle cards) and, from the Spirit of the Wheel cards, Crow/Raven emerged… along with a powerful message for moving forward. So much wisdom there to explore!


Create your own Soul Questions for the First Quarter, and raise your awareness to our theme for this lunar month: Quickening & Awakening. 

Consider using or adapting these questions:

  • What is beginning?
  • What is already stirring within me, quickening and awakening?
  • What is the Authentic Self I am rebirthing in this coming Spring?
  • What has been hidden in the dark throughout the Winter rest and wants to be brought into the light, to be manifested and reborn?

And if you are feeling that First Quarter tension, maybe it’s time for a little spellcraft to move you forward on your journey, and for success in your Soul Work !

In our FREE online course Wisdom from Grandmother Moon, we explore this in more depth and explore the spellcrafting magick with steps for creating a Spell Jar for creativity and how to make a sigil to empower it even more.