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We began this lunar journey with a lot of activity in that sky of ours, and all I can now say is, “Buckle your seat belts, Moon Child, because this bumpy ride is not yet over!”

The Full Moon in Scorpio arrives May 15 @ 9:14 PDT, May 16 @ 12:14 am EDT and May 16 @ 04:14 UTC.  And Grandmother Moon is bringing some friends with her, such as the total lunar eclipse on May 16 (click here for timing and visibility in your locale), and the spirits and energies of “solar” Bealtaine (NH) or Samhain (SH), celebrated by many on  the Full Moon in Scorpio. 

And — yes there is more — a full lunar eclipse is known as a Blood Moon, as through a trick of light, the usually white moon takes on red or red-brown hues. How red it is depends on the air quality (pollution makes it darker). And It will be the longest lunar eclipse that many have been able to see in 15 years.

Eclipse season tends to heighten our emotions, increase their intensity and open the doors for change to rush in, and not just with our emotion, but with our relationships, our way of being, our work, our Self, our friends and family.

I tend to see an eclipse as a reset or start over button … and the opportunity to see and feel what needs to change or be released and possessing the energy and stamina to do so.

Inspiration from the Bards

The only true voyage of discovery, the only fountain of Eternal Youth, would be not to visit strange lands but to possess other eyes, to behold the universe through the eyes of another, of a hundred others, to behold the hundred universes that each of them beholds, that each of them is. 
- Marcel Proust

Scorpio Full Blood Moon coupled with a Taurus Sun

Scorpio is a Fixed (stable) Water sign, associated with The Scorpion, and considered by many to be the sign of sex, death (endings) and transformation. And we know a scorpion can sting!  That sting could manifest from the shadow side of Scorpio, bubbling up into our consciousness with feelings of jealousy, greed, negativity, or envy. Recognize them for what they are . . .  an opportunity for change, for release, for transformation.

Water is the seat of our emotions. In the physical world, water is a powerful element that supports and births life. It can dramatically and quickly sculpt rocks, mountains and landscapes with powerful surges, tsunamis, rain, floods and more. Here in Vancouver, Canada, we have experienced that so much in the last year!

And yet, even as a single drop releasing steadily over time, water can be gently transformative, carving the land and rocks, and leaving its mark for all to witness. Have you ever been in a cave full of stalagmites rising from the floor and stalactites hanging from the ceiling? The water seeps slowly but releases its minerals to the cave surfaces drop by drop, which over time — over eons — turn into those tremendous sights.

I sense that water-y energy within my own body, and perhaps you can too, especially at full moons. If Grandmother Moon can effect the tides, perhaps it can effect the watery tides within us. We have so many waters within our bodies —  blood, lymph, bile, stomach juices, mucus, and more — and we release so much from our bodies through exhalation, salty tears, and other forms of elimination. 

Does water cause change within us? Does that same water that shapes the world change or shape us? Does it trigger or form enzymes and more? We know water sustain life. We know it can bring clarity by drinking when we are dehydrated, and can even lessen the pain of a headache. Raise your awareness to how you feel when dehydrated and when you are not. How do those different states feel?

But I digress . . 

With Scorpio’s emotive and intuitive water energy (and the full moon energy), you may notice increased sexuality, sensuality, and romance. Your emotions may run deep and high, exploding without tact at times. This is not a time for subtle diplomacy or negotiations.  But it is a good time to harness Scorpio’s intensity and commitment. And it is a good time for clarity, as water washes away any sediment from your vision.

Taurus energies at the New Moon connect with the Scorpio Full Moon energies — and Solar Bealtaine / Samhain, and the Full Moon Eclipse — tempering them at times and increasing them at other times, but always seeking balance.

Taurus is more grounding than Scorpio, so is more about form and content, and dealing with tangibles. But Scorpio loves the vague, the obscure, the complex, the mysteries and transformation. 

Wisdom from Grandmother Moon

"Moon Child, you are held in balance as you move forward, even when dancing along a tightrope and not on the solid ground of Mama Earth. At times, it may even feel like you are riding a huge wave, at one with the rhythm of the wave, relaxed, agile, able to pivot your board as needed to climax and release with the wave as it crashes to shore.

On this journey of discovery, like Proust’s quote above, this Full Moon and eclipse with the energies of Bealtaine and Samhain are asking you to visit strange lands, ones you can witness through the eyes of others, and behold the hundreds of universes now possible to see."
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