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This is most definitely a powerful lunar month. At this time of transition here in the north, as the leaves fall and the branches become bare, the sky and stars bring us many new energies, with solar and lunar eclipses at the new and full moons, and very soon we step into the energy of two significant fire festivals, depending on your locale: Bealtaine (aka Bealtuinn, Beltane and Cetsamhain, meaning “opposite Samhain”) for those in the southern hemisphere, and Samhain (aka Samhuinn) for those in the northern hemisphere. These are traditionally celebrated beginning at sunset on October 31st (the Celts began the day at sunset). 

Let us delve a little into some of these energies.

The Full Moon in Taurus, a fixed Earth sign, arrives on October 28th at 20:24 UTC / 1:24 pm PDT.

Earth gives those dreams — and you — a rich solid foundation, and holds the seeds that your dreams will nurture into creation. The fixed qualities of Taurus support you in maintaining your trajectory and your focus. Ruled by Venus, it has sensual and pleasure-seeking qualities, such as an appreciation for beauty, for indulging in our senses, and for things of worth — not necessarily their monetary value, but rather as collecting things that are precious to you, things that last, endure and appreciate over time. And, yes, Taurus can also manifest in stubbornness and rigidity.

This Full Moon also brings us a partial lunar eclipse visible in Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, North America, much of South America, and across the Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Arctic, and Antarctic oceans.

During a lunar eclipse, the colour spectrum shifts and the moon may appear to be red or orange in colour, and is also known as a Blood Moon. 

For full details of the solar eclipse and lunar eclipse paths and timing in your locale, click here for details from, and be sure to enter your location into the search box.

How does eclipse energy manifest for you? 

Do you bring it into your spiritual practice? And what might you consider working with in this coming eclipse season, so close to Samhain, marking the beginning of the dark half of the year, and Bealtaine, marking the light half of the year. 

I think of the lunar and solar eclipses as alchemical in nature, powerful catalysts for change, a sudden rush of Yin / Divine Feminine energy during that Yang / Divine Masculine full moon or full sun peaks, bringing us a sudden blast of deep wisdom and intuition. 

This is a powerful time to connect to your Wise Inner Self, to the hidden powers within, and to tap into the powerful energies of the New and Full Moons to aid in your transformation.

Some consider this a potent time for magical work, for spellcraft, as an eclipse (and the full moon) is said to amplify or boost the magic. You might choose to focus on spellwork that is aligned with the Full Moon energies or deities, or spellwork aligned with the Divine Feminine, intuition and women’s mysteries. That being said, others avoid spellwork entirely during an eclipse, so do what works for you!

Astrologers tell us that an eclipse can be a marker for transformation, an opportunity to look at things differently, to expect the unexpected, and a portal to step into one’s soul or spiritual work.

For instance, you might consider what has also been blocked or obscured in your own view of the world, or view of your Self, or how your balance can be obscured or difficult to maintain. 

And, importantly, an eclipse can remind us that appearance is not necessarily reality.