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Micro Full Moon in Gemini, 18-DEC @ 8:35 pm PST

We began this lunar month with a theme of illumination, in all its manifestations and within us. 

That theme may be even more enlightening at this full moon in Gemini, so close to the December Solstice. For those of us in the southern hemisphere, Father Sun is at his peak but will begin his waning phase. For those of us in the northern hemisphere, Father Sun is at his lowest but will begin his waxing phase. The light returns!

Seanmháthair Gealach (Grandmother Moon in Irish) is in Gemini — a mutable Air sign, inspiring us, and stimulating our minds and spirits — reminding us that Air can freshen our thoughts like a sweet breeze or sweep through with a roar, bringing powerful change(s) into one’s life.  This is lovely balance to the energies of the coming winter, with its earthy grounding energies. A little lift can be good for our souls!

This micro Gemini Full Moon can facilitate lively conversations and social gatherings, so perfect for the coming celebrations, and the “time of no time” also known as the Halcyon Days of Winter Solstice, and of light festivals around the world. 

And this moon is so close to Solstice… a time of the Antlered goddesses, the Deer Women, the Deer Grandmothers, the Deer Mothers, Elen of the Ways, and many others known by many names across the northern regions. 

This moon connects us to the wisdom of the Deer Mothers. They follow the trods (deer paths) and help us to stay on course, and to find our own paths forwards.

Blessings on the Full Moon in Gemini

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