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The Full Moon in Libra, known by some as the Worm Moon or the Pink Moon (first Full Moon of springtime) arrives Sunday, March 28th @11:48 AM PDT / 18:48 UTC.

For me it is the Blossom Moon, with the abundance of cherry and plum blossoms in our neighbourhood — and so aligned with our theme for this lunar month, Awakening & Blossoming.

Naming the Full Moon, based on what is happening energetically in our own locale, reinforces our connection with both Grandmother Moon and Mama Earth.

What will YOU name this first Full Moon of Spring (or Autumn, if in the Southern Hemisphere)?

Regardless of its name, a Full Moon is always a magical time, an empowering time when the seeds planted at the New Moon are growing and flourishing, and when we are manifesting our dreams. Charged by the Full Moon’s peak Yang energy, the creativity of the Air element, the sociability of Venus, and the energies (fertile, nurturing, creative) of the Mother archetype goddesses such as Gaia, Demeter, Danú, Astarte, Hestia and Green Tara, we may feel Grandmother Moon’s strong gravitational pull and its “Yes, I can change the world… NOW!” energy!

Libra Full Moon energies

We experience the energies of the Full Moon for several days, typically one to two days before and after the precise date, especially when powered up by a Super Moon. Do raise your awareness to any shifts in your energy as we reach the full moon tipping point, when — like Grandmother Moon — our energies also shift from waxing to waning.

Libra — a Cardinal sign associated with the element Air, and ruled by Venus — has the archetypal qualities of The Judge, but also of community. Libra thoughtfully observes and considers all around it and, like its symbol the scale, seeks to create balance and justice, to make things “right”. Some sources indicate this is a Super Full Moon (i.e. close to Earth) and that serves to amplify the Moon’s energies and qualities.

For me, this all means focusing on being in Right Relationship with everything that is important to us: our relationship with our Self, with our community, and with Mama Earth.

These Libra Full Moon energies urge us to take charge and lead (the Cardinal sign influence), to think and create (the Air influence), to find balance and harmony (the core of Libra with its scales of justice). Its Venus energy calls on us to socialize and connect, and perhaps rekindle romance, all of which may have been a challenge for some in this year of lockdown and self-quarantine. Do consider ways to connect with family and friends in the “new normal” ways many of us have learned this past year, such as spending time in person with our “core bubbles”, online gatherings with family or with a special friend.  

There is a shadow side to all archetypes. Raise your awareness to the shadow qualities that may emerge in the full moon energy, such as:

  • being out of balance or not in Right Relationship
  • neglecting one’s Self through excessive self-sacrifice in support of others
  • overthinking and waffling or hesitating on making decisions
  • focusing on one’s image or appearance or words (the “mask” we present to the world) rather than sharing our authentic self, and taking meaningful action

Bring this awareness into your soul work at the Full Moon in our next post, Soul Work for the Libra Full Moon.

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