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At this Full Moon, Seanmháthair Gealach — Grandmother Moon, in Irish — is positioned in Pisces, a water sign, a sign of compassion, and ruled by Neptune, god of the Seas.

Expect heightened energy around anything governed by the water element: emotions, creativity, intuition, dreams and the subconscious. It is so important to practise self care at this time.

This energy will be strongest a day or two before and after the Full Moon — September 1st at 10:22 PM PDT here in Vancouver — and will diminish as the Moon starts waning towards the next New Moon, which arrives September 17th.

Our bodies are mostly water (65% on average), and like the oceans that swell during the full moon, our emotions will follow suit. You may feel anxious or overwhelmed by emotion. If you are feeling happiness, you may feel even happier; if you are feeling frustration or anger, watch that those emotions do not translate into actions or words you may regret.

These are powerful times, my friend. Luna, the Moon, is influencing our emotions. Raise your awareness to what might be your true feelings… or if they are magnified by the Full Moon energies.

And embrace your heightened creativity and intuition!

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