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The Full Moon of November 30th brings us an interesting and lively combination of energies.

Seanmháthair Gealach (Grandmother Moon in Irish) is in Gemini — a mutable Air sign, inspiring us, and stimulating our minds and spirits — reminding us that Air can freshen our thoughts like a sweet breeze or sweep through with a roar, bringing powerful change(s) into one’s life. At the very least, a Gemini Moon can facilitate lively conversations and social gatherings. And I know you will do so safely, following any protocols mandated in your community!

Father Sun is in Sagittarius, full of fiery passion, igniting our desire for growth and change, and opening our minds. That wise Sagittarius influence will continue to December 21st, coincidentally the date Solstice arrives at 10:02 UTC. And I’ll be ready for that, by starting the Sun Advent Ceremony today (Sunday November 29th) and the next four Sundays, now in its 16th year and is hosted by Beth Owl’s Daughter.

And this Full Moon also brings a penumbral lunar eclipse! The Moon will pass through the outer part of the Earth’s shadow — it will not be as dramatic as a full eclipse, perhaps appearing as a regular full moon — but it is an eclipse nonetheless!  

Why is an eclipse important?

Astrologers tell us that an eclipse can be a marker for transformation, an opportunity to look at things differently, to expect the unexpected, and a portal to step into one’s soul or spiritual work. We might consider what has also been blocked or obscured in our own view of the world, or view of our Self. An eclipse can remind us that appearance is not necessarily reality. Perhaps much of 2020 has been a reminder of that too!

Mark your calendar for the Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

Begins @ 07:32 UTC • Peaks @ 09:42 UTC • Ends @ 11:53 UTC

Convert to your local time at Time Zone Converter.

An Invitation

During the Full Moon Penumbral Eclipse on Monday, November 30th, Moon Mná Facilitators around the world (most at the beginning of the eclipse), along with all others who wish to participate, will start their Worldwork ritual — a  Lunar Eclipse Healing Ceremony, suggested by our mentor Dr. Karen Ward — to harness the energies of Seanmháthair Gealach and collectively bring healing to the ancestral mothers of blood, bone and spirit. 

Visit our post Lunar Eclipse: Healing the Ancestral Mothers or more details on how you can participate virtually, including a ceremony for ancestral healing.

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