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New Moon in Leo: July 28, 2022 at 17:54 UTC • 10:54 am PDT • 1:54 pm EDT

For me, every new moon is an invitation to “go dark”, like the moon herself — invisible to most, connected to my deep inner wisdom and my intuition, and strengthening my ability to connect with Grandmother Moon, to be in Right Relationship with her — as I reflect and honour the passing from one lunar month to the next.

At these dark moons, one can recognize more easily the shadows within, which can make the dark moon an emotional time for some. But do trust the knowledge of the Divine Feminine within you, as it will support you and raise your awareness to any extremes manifesting. 

With the Super Full Moon in Capricorn earlier this month, we had an opportunity to plant our foundations and intentions for the coming months, take leadership in our lives, and this New Moon in Leo on July 28 acts as a helping hand for us as we step even more deeply into self-sovereignty.

With this new moon, we move into Leo season, ignited by its fiery energies. Leo is “cœur”-ageous (heart-led, heart-inspired) and manifests externally as enthusiasm, optimism, and creativity. As a fixed sign, Leo suggests we are secure in who we are and can focus our intentions with its outward manifesting energies as we build our dreams. 

I like to draw on that Leo energy in my new moon soul work and practices, such as using one or more crystals aligned with Leo’s fire energy to focus my meditations, or simply to place on my altar.

New Moon Practices: working with crystals

I love working with the energy of crystals, and for a New Moon in Leo you have so many choices. You can choose to work with stones aligning with the new moon energies and/or those that correspond with Leo’s fiery energy.

For instance, you could work with stones/crystals that are fire-coloured such as those with red, orange or yellow-orange hues. Possibilities include Amber, Carnelian, Citrine, Fire Agate, Fire Opal, Garnet, Red Calcite, Red Jasper, Red Tourmaline, and Ruby. You could also work with black stones. The colour does not represent a cold or spent fire energy, but rather the ageless magma energy of the earth’s core, such as “Apache Tears” (a volcanic obsidian), fire agate or any other obsidian stone.

Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy has some great suggestions for stones bringing in the New Moon energy, how to use them for cleansing your sacred space at the beginning of a new lunar month or journey, and how to use them for setting intentions. Click here to read her suggestions and tips.

Hibiscus Moon recommends:

  • staurolite for physical body cleansing
  • halite or clear quartz for energetic cleansing
  • labradorite for tapping in to the magic of the new moon
  • indigo gabbro for connecting to new moon energy, planting seeds and clear intention setting
  • moonstone always helps for tapping into lunar energies.

Do you have any favourite crystal(s) for your moon work?