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If the label fits . . . LOL. And yes, I consider myself a hedgewitch.

But on a serious note, what does healing mean to you? 

And how to you bring and maintain self-healing into your life?

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines healing, in part, as “to make sound or whole”.

The National Institutes for Health defines healing as “the personal experience of the transcendence of suffering”.

Both of these come into my personal experience and definition. . . yes, there is physical curing or healing but I tend to think of healing as a spiritual process.

For me, healing starts with awareness and is then supported by meditation . . . shamanic journeying. . . balancing . . . forgiveness. . . release rituals . . . Soul Questions . . . connecting with Mama Earth . . . making healthy choices for my body. . . speaking my truths . . . working with my Guides . . . transforming the impact of painful experiences so they no longer have power over me, no longer control me . . .

Sometimes the original condition / pain is gone yet can still control us. This is particularly true for the trauma of abuse or physical pain (think PTSD).

Here’s a simple example from my life . . . I endured mobility problems and pain for years, which was eventually cured by two total knee replacements. It wasn’t until both were complete and I could walk again (and walking well, I did my first triathlon a year later) that I realized I still thought and acted like a person for whom the simple act of walking was a painful experience. I had learned to protect myself, to avoid pain, to NOT walk. I had to let go of those conditioned responses and embrace a new way of thinking, that of a person with a healthy body. I gave up my “old story” for a “new story”. . . and was able to fully heal.

“They called her witch because she knew how to heal herself.”
― Te’ V. Smith, from her book “Here We Are, Reflections of a God Gone Mad”