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Pictured is an Inuit inunnguaq, aka inukshuk

It has been said that there is no word for shaman or teacher in the Inuit language (Inuktitut), but the concept of the “Isumataq” combines these in a wonderful way.

There are many definitions (and spellings!) of Isumataq:

  • one who listens
  • knowledgeable advisor
  • storyteller

But this is my favourite definition:the person who creates the atmosphere in which wisdom reveals itself”.

Just for today, hold space as an Isumataq, creating and supporting that rich ground and sacred space where people learn and grow. Teach without teaching or preaching. Sometimes the best teaching comes from just listening.

Listen. Hold space for each of us to step into our wisdom and the love in our hearts… including our Self!

Picture sourced from CanvaPro: an Inuit inukshuk (aka inuksuk) “While stone figures resembling human forms are often referred to as inuksuk, such figures are actually known as inunnguaq.” For more about the types and meanings of inukshuk, visit The Canadian Encyclopedia.