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Join us for Imbolg season to celebrate the first wave of Spring energy in 2021, and honour the goddess Brighid who we celebrate at Imbolg.

Imbolg arrives around 01-February in the Northern Hemisphere, and we will be in that Imbolg energy until Spring Equinox arrives.

You may know Brighid as a triple goddess, with aspects of Healer, Poet and Smith. And yet each of these are associated with one of the realms in the Irish cosmology of Land (Smithcraft), Sea (Healing) and Sky (Poetry).

Together will will explore Imbolg and Brighid’s gifts and realms with ceremony, crafts, herbs, divination practices and more. In this course you will:

  • follow the seasonal energy from Imbolg through to Spring Equinox inspired by the goddess energies of Brighid and the Celtic cosmology of Land, Sea and Sky
  • learn the significance and origins of Imbolg (not just a day, but a season!), how it was practiced in the past and how we can bring a contemporary view to the celebrations
  • create your own personal Imbolg, on your own timing based on the manifesting of Spring in your locale, aided by a phenology wheel
  • explore the mythologies and roots of the goddess Brighid: as the goddess of Healing, Poetry and The Forge/ Smithcraft, as Saint Brigid, her connections with ancient Bear goddesses and her connections with the realms of Sea, Sky and Land.
  • call on Brighid for inspiration in her three realms that also manifest within you (poet, healer and creator)
  • learn rituals / ceremonies for Imbolg and Là Fhéill Bhrìghde (St. Brigid’s Day) including:
    • laying out a Brat Bridhe on Imbolg Eve
    • downloadable candle blessings for Imbolg and Brighid (as this day is also celebrated as Candlemas in Christian practices)
    • craft an Earth Candle, Brighid doll, Brighid’s cross and more
  • explore herbs and oils for Brighid and Imbolg
  • journey to Brighid’s Forge to inspire your creativity as we move into Spring. In this recorded guided meditation, you will connect and attune to your Inner Cauldrons, ignite your Inner Fires, and receive a Spirit gift from Brighid.  

The course is now open for registration. 

The course will also be offered again in late July for those in the Southern Hemisphere.

You can view course details and register on our website or click this image to view and register on the Ruzuku course platform.

And for those who have taken previous courses with Inner Journey Events, be sure to check your email for a special offer on this course! 

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