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Today I felt the Soulflower Plant Spirit Art “Soulflower Plant Spirit Oracle Deck” calling to me…. and wondered what Medicine it would bring me today.

The card I pulled was Mugwort: Integration.

Card message: “There is a rhythm and balance to all life —a dance between physical reality and the spiritual world. Mugwort opens and expands your consciousness to embrace all that you are — light and dark, body and spirit — helping you integrate all aspects of your multi-dimensional consciousness into your everyday practical life.”

Let’s dance 💃🏻 … and maybe work with mugwort today.

Mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris), associated with the goddesses Artemis & Diana, is considered a powerful herb for protection and divination/prophecy. Use it:

  • as an offering on your altar, when foraging, or in a sacred fire
  • as a smudging herb (loose or in a wand)
  • as loose incense (alone or combined with other herbs, see formulation below)
  • as a dream pillow: add to a small pouch or a simple hand-sewn sachet)
  • as an amulet for healing and protection: hang from a doorway or place in the glove-compartment of your vehicle (some hang from their rear view mirror). You can even wear on your person or in a handbag.
  • as a tea/infusion: pour boiling water over about 1 tsp of mugwort, steep, filter, drink to aid in lucid dreaming and prophetic dreams.
    • TIP: this tea can also be used as a blessing spray


CAUTION: Mugwort is known to relax the uterus and stimulate one’s menstrual flow. DO NOT USE IF PREGNANT!

Mugwort also has strong Medicine from a health perspective. For more info on mugwort’s medicinal benefits, there are variable articles on the web including this one from Organic Facts.

🌿 🌿 🌿


The formulation is from Gina McGarry’s book Brighid’s Healing, Ireland’s Celtic Medicine Tradition (the Kindle edition is free if you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited), and is used for ground, centering and honouring the Ancestors:

  • Mugwort, for the blessings of the Moon
  • Borage, for the warrior’s courage.
  • Mint, for prosperity and to clarify psychic abilities
  • Mistletoe, for sacredness and rebirth
  • Thyme, to invoke the Faerie
  • Foxglove, for deep magic
  • Vervain, to attract one’s desires and to invoke the Divine; for love, health, wealth and protection, for the ancestors.

Vervain (verbena officinalis) be used in place of any herb you don’t have. I will be using roughly equal parts of each when I make this incense, but let your intuition guide you re amounts. You could add or delete herbs using your inuition. For instance, oak leaves (the Oak King is strongest at the Summer Solstice) would be a good addition at this time of year… St John’s Wort for MidSummer rituals, healing & protection.

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