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Moonseeds (3)

Just in time for the New Moon in Pisces on February 23rd, I’m launching Moon Seeds, a special new monthly newsletter exploring the magic of Grandmother Moon, with lunar themes, New and Full Moon dates, zodiac sign info, lunar events & energetics —and a little bit of magick!

Plant your seeds of intention at the New Moon and see what grows!

Moon Phases 2020 V1All new Moon Seeds subscribers receive a FREE booklet Moon Phases 2020 to get you started!

Think of this as a mini-course for moon-lovers — or just support for your relationship with Grandmother Moon — and it’s a great complement to our Dancing with The Moon Course.

The content will be delivered straight into your inbox a few days before each new moon. For those who loved our first FREE course “Wisdom from Grandmother Moon”, this is for you!

You’ll also receive the regular Inner Journey Events newsletter with new blog posts, courses and special offers.

Moon Seeds will be emailed ONLY to those who opt-in through this special link or at

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