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Wisdom from Seanmháthair Gealach (Grandmother Moon)
Moon Wheels, Energy Work, Rituals and Soul Work
For the Monthly Lunar Journey

In my earlier post today, I invited you to start working with a Moon Wheel in your daily / monthly spiritual practice.

So, rather than re-invent the wheel – literally, LOL – I share with you this rather old link giving instructions as to how to set up your Moon Wheel chart.


MoonWheel for the Alder Moon, by Shekhinah Mountainwater

These are the original instructions from Shekhinah Mountainwater, who pioneered much of this work. And the image above, “Alder Moon”, is an example of a Moon Wheel she created. So beautiful and imaginative!I am so glad that Molly Remer of Brigid’s Grove introduced the Moon Wheel concept to me. She is carrying on much of Shekhinah’s work, and has published a beautiful set of her Woman Runes in card format.

Many other folks have created Moon Wheels as well, and you can easily Google other sources out there if you wish to find something which may suit you better.

 I start my chart at each New Moon, while others start at the Full Moon. Do what works best for you.

 Keep your charts together in a binder, booklet or even in your BOS (Book of Shadows) for reviewing the patterns month-to-month and throughout the solar year.

 Chart whatever is important in YOUR life: your energy, your monthly flow, your sexual activity, your ovulation, your moods, your appetite, your daily card, etc. Use symbols, pictures, words… whatever comes easy to you (and will be able to understand when you later review!).

 Do consider using the centre of the Moon Wheel to note details of your New Moon reading… or other pertinent information for YOU.

 Like LaLuna, this chart flows counter-clockwise . . . but it doesn’t really matter as the illuminated side of LaLuna shifts depending on where you are in relation to the Equator!

 This picture is a copy of a Moon Wheel I started last August; I entered my New Moon reading (that month I used the Woman Runes from Brigid’s Grove), my theme for the month (“coeur-age”), the dates, lunar phase dates, etc. Throughout the month I add in information that is important to me.

And those who are familiar with the WomanRunes symbols can also use them to note different aspects on their wheels.

NOTE: I would highly recommend the FREE course offered by Brigid’s Grove on the WomanRunes

Go wild with your creativity and make the Moon Wheels uniquely your own.


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