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Those of us in the Northern Hemisphere will soon be celebrating Lúnasa (also the Irish word for the month of August) and those in the Southern Hemisphere will be celebrating Imbolg.

Many celebrate on the traditional date of August 1st, the closest Full Moon or on the “true” date of August 7th, or simply when it feels that the season has arrived where we live. For me, that is the most important aspect to honour.

And although the energies of these two festivals may feel different — one waxing (Imbolg) and one waning (Lúnasa) — they are connected by their complementary energies.

Regardless of which hemisphere you are located, I invite you to consider the commonality of these two festivals and how they might complement each other with their Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine (and other) aspects, and how working with both energies can support you moving and aligning with the energies of the year.

The image of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine above, titled Beloved, is by Outi Harma. Click here or the image above for more about the image, or click here for OutiArt

And, for those in the Northern Hemisphere, consider deepening your connection to Lúnasa with our online course exploration of Lúnasa Season.

Explore the season from Lúnasa (also known as First Harvest, Lammas and Lughnasadh) with celebrations and soul work to honour the abundance of the first harvest, our connection to the Land, and the shift from the Fire energies of Summer toward the Water energies of Autumn.

I introduced this course last year, and it is now refreshed and ready for those who have not yet taken it.

We will use the framework of the Celtic cosmology of Land, Sea and Sky — which exists in both the physical and spiritual realms — to explore the celebrations of Lúnasa including traditions, practices, history, lore, deities such as Lugh, animal allies such as Crane (associated with Lugh), rituals, divination, goddesses in other traditions such as Diana aka Artemis. We will also look at other Sky traditions, such as the Lion’s Gate 8:8 Portal on August 8th.

Together we also will explore traditions such as crafting a Lúnasa altar, making a natural herbal incense, using bread in a protection spell / blessing, and a ritual for beginnings and endings, associated with harvest times.

For registration and more about the Lúnasa course content, click here. or go to

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