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The challenge is on! #GCCC2020 begins on August 1st! This is my FIFTH year and I am proud to be a #GCCChampion this year.

That’s why I am sharing here, as well as on my personal social media pages.

My commitment to earth-based spirituality also means working to raise awareness to the health of all on our planet, especially children.

So … who will join me in cycling to kick kids’ cancers’ butt???

What does that mean?

I have entered a VIRTUAL team in the Great Cycle Challenge Canada to fight kids’ cancer!

Our team is called Pedal Pack and I am inviting you to join us to ride throughout August.

How does Great Cycle Challenge work?

You set yourself a ride target and pedal it down over the month, logging your kilometres via a free app which is linked to your personal rider page.

It’s a great excuse to get on your bike (road bike, mountain bike, tricycle…. anything that moves!!!).

No bike? Spin! Use a stationary bike instead.

You can ride anywhere at anytime!

And it’s all for a great cause, to fight kids’ cancer.

To join our team, check out our team page in the image above or simply click here.

I hope you can join Team Pedal Pack and pedal with us this August to end childhood cancer.

Have a great day!


PS – And if you can’t join the ride, please consider sponsoring our team 🙏🏻🙏🏻 as we ride to fight kids’ cancer.

Donation Links:

Rider Della Ratcliffe

Team Pedal Pack